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Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Tender to the Touch

I hate commercials. I mean, they drive me so nuts that I end up sputtering at the television at times because I can't believe any advertising agency could be so stupid as to choose the actors they do for commercials. I'm going to give you two examples of recent additions to the Margalit Wants to Strangle You list of crappy commercial actors.

The commercial for fibromyalgia medicine Lyrica. I couldn't even remember the name of the medicine, because the second that damn commercial comes on, I run as far as I can. I had to google it.

It starts with a middle-aged very skinny woman sitting at a table reading an entry in her 'diary'. She tells about how her fibromyalgia has been bothering her, and then she says the line "So tender to the touch." Now, I'm a cynic and I see things a bit differently than a lot of people, but who the hell writes a sentence in their diary that says "So tender to the touch." I mean, come on! It's ridiculous. Plus the rest of the commercial shows her as an art teacher but all the students are using different mediums and working on different projects. Rather unusual for an adult art program.

But that one isn't as completely annoying at the one for the Commonwealth Advisory Group. This one makes my blood boil, and it's on constantly during late night and daytime television. I know, get a life. But I'm stuck in my house this week for a variety of reasons, and I watch TV while I'm on the computer. So I see a lot of this damn commercial. Lucky me.

This commercial is for families paying for nursing home care for their loved ones. The actor is this unbelievably creepy white-haired man with a voice that gives me the shivers. It's this bizarre monotone and it is so yucky that you just want to put your hands over your ears and run away shouting "shut UP!". It's that bad. I can't the commercial on youtube but I think it's only local. I don't know how it could possibly be national, it's so horrible.

There are plenty of other commercials I can't stand, including anything by Taco Bell, but these two are going to drive me over the freaking edge.

I guess I might just have to turn off the TV. After Lost, of course.

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Blogger Elabeth said...

I want to kill the "so tender to the touch" lady too. That commercial blows.

21/2/08 11:47 PM  

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