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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sobbing along with Pete

Last night, very late at night I watched the PBS American Masters special on Pete Seeger and I cried. I cried buckets.

I cried for our country that is no longer interested in getting together to protest this ridiculous war.

I cried for the earth that is becoming polluted beyond recognition while the governments look on and wring their hands in dismay.

I cried for my family that doesn't have the cohesiveness of the family I grew up in because there isn't anyone like Pete Seeger, the Weavers, or even Peter, Paul and Mary to provide a political message in song.

I cried for the nation's children that listen to childrens pap instead of political music. I grew up on the music of Pete Seeger. I knew what he sang about and it sure wasn't about dinosaurs and eating your vegetables.

I cried for my childhood, lost and painful.

I cried for my grandparents who were friends of Pete Seeger, who were involved in Folkways Records, and who kept all of us kids up to date on the political front.

I cried for my mother, the looney tunes, who despite her mental illness always was idealistic and believed that the government could be better. Heck, she voted countless times for Harold Stassan. As a red-diaper baby, she upheld her socialist ideals.

I cried because the times are a'changing, and it isn't a good change. We need icons like Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan (the early years) and Joan Baez to sing to us and remind us that we need to stay politically active and environmentally aware. We so need this.

Most of all, I cried for my children. Because this land is falling apart. Because our government is so blind that the President tells us there is no recession as millions lose their homes, their cars, and can no longer pay to heat their homes. No recession? OMG.

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Blogger Daisy said...

Our town/city still has weekly war protests downtown. They're small, and they are a minority in this ridiculously conservative area (why do I live here?), but they keep on going. Their determination gives me hope in the face of Bushism.

28/2/08 5:25 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

We have them too. Every thursday evening (which would be tonight) we have a core group of people who stand out in the centre and protest the war. They've been there for years and years. And it is all good... but I want to have a huge march on Washington. I want to see a million of my closest friends from all over the country convene on the Mall and show the congress and president just what we think of them and this war.

I want the country to care.

28/2/08 5:42 PM  

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