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Monday, February 18, 2008

We evidentally like to play Cha-raaaads

Last night the Boy had a friend over and the 4 of us played Charades for almost 3 hours. Charades. I mean, when was the last time you played Charades? For me it would be, oh since I was in summer camp in the 60's. It is not the game that comes up first or fifteenth on my radar, but we've played pretty much everything else in the last month, due to a combination of debilitating illness and winter weather. As it, we're getting a bit stir crazy over here.

At first I made out the categories for Charades, and the three of them acted them out, but oh my God, they were so pathetic. I kept having to yell "How many words? Which word are you on? How many syllables?" And of course, the Girl was all, "What is a syllable?" because she's like that. Then they took turns writing out different clues, and they were so funny.

Poor Em kept getting clues with dogs in them and she was just incapable of acting them out. She had us all in stitches. By the end of the evening we were all laughing so hard it was impossible to play anymore.

The Boy made this video from my camera, but we can't figure out how to add an audio background. And believe me, we tried and tried with two different pieces of software we have. The Boy got so ticked he was seething mad because he kept adding audio and we never got it right. So you get video. No audio. And no complaining about how horrid this video is because it's done by a serious nutcase!


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