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Friday, February 22, 2008

The weirdest argument ever

I think I might, just MIGHT have mentioned that the Boy likes to argue. A lot. About everything. Well today I think he totally tipped the scales into complete absurdity. I swear it, if I wasn't the one arguing with him, I would have either killed him or died laughing.

It all started with a brochure he got in the mail for some summer program guitar school. I showed it to him and he had no interest. But for him, no interest means that he has to argue about how stupid the program is, what a waste of money it is, what a waste of time it is, etc. Because he just can't say "no thanks." He has to argue.

From the guitar program he started in on how he wanted to go on the Prague trip the school is going on, and how it's unfair that he can't get the scholarship to pay for the trip, which is of course my fault, and how DMH is willing to pay for some things but not the Prague trip, which sucks and is unfair and boo hoo hoo.

Then I mentioned that he could go on a trip to Israel through Birthright, and he really got heated and started in on how he doesn't want to go to Israel, he wants to go to Prague and that Israel isn't interesting and it's too religious and Jewish and he doesn't want to go on a religious trip when he could go to Prague. But the Prague trip only takes underclassmen, not seniors so this is his last chance and 5 of his friends are going and he wants to go on that trip and not the FREE trip to Israel through Birthright because that trips sucks... phew. He hardly drew a breath.

At that point I had my hands over my ears and I was la la laing because he's so loud and so totally unreasonable, and I told him I wasn't going to argue with him because it was pointless, etc.

So he starts arguing about the word argue. I swear on my father's grave this kid will argue about anything. I go to dictionary.com and I show him that an argument is when two sides have two different opinions, but he insists that an argument is a violent disagreement and he wasn't arguing he was just... well, arguing. And we both totally cracked up because what can you do with a kid that is so ridiculous he has to argue the semantics of the word argue?

Lordy, he's a whackjob that kid.

Later tonight the Girl goes to empty the dishwasher and oddly, the dishes in there aren't all that clean. She's puzzled. And then she looks at the bottom of the machine, and there sits one of those Electrosol tabs.... completely wrapped it it's cellophane. The Boy did the dishes. He 'didn't know' that he had to unwrap the tabs. Because we've only been using them for years. Sigh.

Remind me, when is this cursed vacation over?

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Blogger Domestic Sensualist said...

Arguing about the word argue...that's priceless!

23/2/08 6:47 PM  

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