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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"You know how you can tell you're really sick?"

"When it's easier to just lay on the floor than get up." The Boy, as he's laying on the kitchen floor.

Oh yeah, we're having a fun time here tonight. Everyone is sick. Everyone is feverish. And everyone is on edge and being, oh, argumentative.

We're watching the returns coming in and chortling at Romney's pathetic national showing. Thank God. I said, "Think of all the money he's wasted trying to buy the presidency. Think of all the people he could have fed, or the health care he could have purchased for the poor." The Boy shoots back, "Think of all the illegal aliens he could have hired to do his gardening."

I don't even know if we can make it until the California returns come in. I want to, but I'm just too peaked to stay awake.

Whoa, Huckabee is doing better than Romney! This country is nuts. Talk about divided by religion and idealogy. We've got people who are voting not on the country as a whole, but on religious grounds. How fucked is that? And Mrs Huckabee, get yourself a stylist. What a meeskite.

Utah. What's up with Utah. They vote for Obama for Democrat and Romney for Republican. Um, do you think it's religion hoisting up it's ugly head again? You think?

Obama takes Connecticut. That's sweet. Obama is doing well, but he's just not going to get enough delegates. Hilary has all those damn superdelegates that can crush him.

The Democratic race is getting really interesting. The Republican race? Not so much. It's all sewn up and we've got a guy who will NEVER pull out of Iraq and will spend every penny of our money on a worthless stupid endless battle instead of providing universal health care (which he opposes), and increasing social services for the poor. Heck, the man denies that there are homeless people in America. This is what we want to follow the Moron? What the hell is wrong with people? Do they not see the reputation the US has wrought because of Bush's policies? Do we really need to continue ANY of them? No, we don't. Oy vey, I do not get the Republican thought process.

I guess I'm going to end up voting for Hilary after all. Damn. Can she beat McCain?

I love elections. The actual elections. Not the way too many months leading up to the actual event. I wish there were election reform so that there was a financial cap on the amount candidates can spend, but the Supreme Court, in all their 'wisdom', have deemed that would be unconstitutional and would not allow for free speech. Huh? I also wish we did like they do in England, have 6 weeks on concentrated campaigning before the actual election. This is too exhausting for the electorate (us) and the candidates.

Did you know that spring training starts in a couple of weeks. Did you see Sean Casey on the news tonight? He's adorable. Yet another HOT Red Sox player. He looks like a young Tek.

I'm feverish. Can you tell?

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

Honestly, I can't see Hilary beating Obama quite so easily. We have caucuses on Saturday. May actually be interesting.

5/2/08 11:00 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

There might still be a race in two weeks when my state votes. Amazing concept, that.

6/2/08 8:30 PM  

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