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Friday, March 14, 2008

LOST Discussion Friday: Ji Yeon

Previously on LOST Juliet went to The Tempest station and discovered that it's capable of releasing toxic gas on to the island. Locke found out that Charles Widmore is the man who sent the freighter, and he also learned who Ben's man on the boat is. In exchange for this meaty bit of information, Locke let Ben out of the basement, much to the surprise of Sawyer and Hurley.

Tonight's episode promises to clue us in on the identity of Ben's mole, while also informing us who the final members of the Oceanic Six are. The episode delivers on it's promises. We do learn both the very unsurprising identity of Ben's mole, and the final members of the Oceanic Six. But sadly, the outcome isn't when we hoped for.

LOST begins by introducing us to Regina, who we've been hearing over the phone for weeks. She's standing guard over Sayid and Desmond, who are still locked in a room on the freighter. She does not appear healthy. She's sitting in front of the door to Sayid and Desmond's room holding a book upside down. Lapidus clues her in that the book is upside down, but the poor woman looks like she hasn't slept in a month and can barely eek out a coherent word. On the other hand, Lapidus is nice enough to bring them some delicious canned lima beans, but he's not nice enough to let them talk to the Captain. I don't know about you, but if it were a choice between starving and eating canned lima beans, I believe I'd choose starving.

On oour first peek at the beachies, Jin wants to discuss names for the baby, but Sun thinks it's bad luck. I'm with her. We Jews never tell the baby's name until they are officially named in synagogue. Jin wants to name her Ji Yeon, but Sun advises that they should wait until they get off the island before picking a name. These two are so adorable together that I just know something horrible will happen to one of them.

First flash forward time. Sun is off the island, very, very pregnant, and feels an immense pain in her uterine region. She also appears to be back in Korea, in some nice apartment. She calls 911, or whatever the Korean equivalent is, and tells them she thinks something is wrong with the baby. But where is Jin? Uh oh. Is he working for the horrible Mr Paik again?

It looks like Jin is just fine, so there's no need to worry. He's busy at the store looking for a stuffed panda for the baby. He buys the panda, and as he's hailing a cab, his cell rings. When he goes to answer it, he gets nudged, his cell drops, gets run over, the panda, which is in the back of the taxi disappears when someone else gets into the cab and speeds away. This does not make Jin even remotely happy. It's a funny scene.

Back on the island, Kate is telling Sun about how she got bonked over the head last week. She also fills her in on the events in "the poison gas factory," all of which makes Sun start to think that rescue is out of the question. Sun's getting nervous and when she's nervous she tends to want to flee the scene.

On the freighter, Sayid and Desmond get a note passed to them through the vents in their door. It reads, "Don't Trust the Captain." It looks like Ben's mole is up to his/her old tricks again. They look at each other like, Hmmm, this must be Ben's man on the ship. Excellent.

Meanwhile, Sun moseys down the beach to question Daniel about whether or not they're going to be rescued. Daniel gives his usual dumb bunny look and hems and haws. She gets really annoyed and then he says it's not for him to decide. Sun runs off and tells Jin to pack enough food for a couple of days. It's time to go visit John Locke. See, true to form, she's running.

Juliet figures out that Sun is planning a trip when she sees her trying to snag some prenatal vitamins. Juliet advises her not to go to Locke's camp, especially due to the fact that she'll die if she stays on the island. Sun doesn't believe her, stating that Claire and her baby are just fine. Juliet doesn't explain that because Claire conceived off the island, her pregnancy didn't count. Ditto for Alex, btw. Sun doesn't trust Juliet and has no intention of staying. She wants to get to Locke's lair for some delicious barbequed rabbit, I think.

Back in Korea in a flash forward, Sun is about to give birth in the hospital. The nurse mentions that she's one of the Oceanic Six. She also tries to take off Sun's wedding ring, but Sun won't allow it.

She tells the doctor to get her husband immediately, but unfortunately he's busy losing his giant panda bear in the taxi that takes off without him. He goes back to the store and demands another panda. He talks the store keeper into giving him the last panda, which was on hold and paid for in full by another customer. Jin only wants a panda, which I found a bit weird. What's so special about pandas? I wish I could enjoy the comedy on display, but I keep waiting for something bad or shocking to happen to Sun or Jin.

On the beach, Kate draws Sun a map to Locke's place, but Juliet interrupts. She tells Jin about Sun's condition, but unfortunately he doesn't believe her either. She does the whole "in three weeks you'll be sick, in four weeks you'll be in terrible pain, in 5 weeks you'll be in a coma, and then you'll die" speech, but Sun wants out of dodge and won't believe Juliet. She's honest and tells her she doesn't trust her because Juliet has lied before. True enough. So Juliet, showing her true colors in order to save Sun's life, Jin about Sun's affair, which is something he most definitely believes. Sun gives her a hearty slap for spilling the beans while Jin stalks off down the beach. Sun tries to explain to Jin that the affair was a long time ago, but he doesn't want to hear it. As he's leaving, Bernard asks if he can join Jin. Bernard clues into the fact that Sun and Jin are in the middle of a big brouhaha, but Jin tells him he can come. They go and find a small outrigger (where did THAT come from?) and fish while chatting about marriage. I love Bernard and Rose. Bernard tells Jin about Rose's cancer and how she's cured by the island but still wants to be rescued. They both ponder that until Jin catches a nice big fish. I'm glad Bernard is around, because he's able to explain why Rose didn't want to go with Locke back in the season premiere. Even though she needs to stay on the island, she'd never go anywhere with a murderer.

Back on that hunk of junk called the freighter, the Captain finally wants to meet Sayid and Desmond. They come out on the deck and notice two very weird things: 1) Lapidus has taken the helicopter somewhere, and 2) Regina is jumping off the boat with huge chains wrapped around her. Desmond freaks out at this apparent suicide, but Captain Gault comes out to calm them down. He says she's gone. He can't risk any more of his crew going after her. While Regina is jumping off the boat, none of the other crew members even attempt to help her. They act like this is a daily occurrence. VERY weird. I'm sure there will be more to this whole suicide thing later on, because it just made no sense at all. I just can't imagine how they're going to fit this into the plot.

Gault explains to the Losties that his crew has been going a bit mental lately, which he thinks is due to their proximity to the island. They all appear to have a terrible case of cabin fever. But to jump overboard? OK! He also freely admits to Sayid and Desmond that Charles Widmore sent the boat. He casually mentions that he knows that Desmond knows Widmore. You betcha he does! In another strange turn of events, Captain Gault is also in possession of the 'black box' from the staged crash of Flight 815. He raises the question that many of us have been wondering: who has the power to gather together over 300 dead bodies and fake a plane crash? Gault thinks that Ben will have the answers to these questions. He implies that Ben did the staging, but it seems like it's possible that Widmore could have as well. I'm very confused about this plot point. Any ideas?

Juliet is still trying to convince Sun that she'll die if she stays on the island from her position back on the beach. Sun isn't buying it. But then we have a flash forward, where Sun is still waiting for Jin to show up at the hospital. She's in the throes of labor, things aren't going well, the Junior Doctor wants to do a C-section but she refuses and keeps calling for Jin. She wants to wait for him to arrive to birth the baby, but he doesn't arrive by the time the baby girl is born. And might I just say that the creepy jelly that they put on that poor baby was gross. Anyhow, I have a very, very bad feeling that something has happened to Jin aside from wacky panda bear buying shenanigans.

After spending a few hours being entertained by el capitan, Sayid and Desmond get moved to a new room that has a large blood stain on the wall that looks like somebody blew their brains out. It also has many delightful cockroaches. It's a real palace! A janitor comes by to clean up the mess, and the janitor is Michael! His appearance is probably the least surprising moment ever, but the fact that he's going by the name Kevin Johnson is certainly interesting. The escort introduces "kevin" to Sayid and Desmond, who pretend they've never seen Michael before. And that's the last of him we see tonight. That's question number one answered. We know for sure that Michael is Ben's man on the boat. Not surprising at all, but at least it has finally been confirmed, right?

Anyway, back from fishing, Jin finds Sun in their tent on the beach and brings her a lovely fish dinner. He explains to her that he understands why she had an affair. He knows what kind of man he was in Korea, and he acknowledged that he was unable to share his feelings with her back home. He forgives her and says that they can go to Locke's suburban hideaway, but Sun has started to believe Juliet's tales of imminent doom. The one other thing Jin wants to know is if the baby is his. The two of them break down in tears when she tells him the answer is yes, yes, a million times yes. So we know that the island has restored Jin's fertility as well as his personality. He's been healed by the island, too.

Jin arrives at the hospital with his giant panda bear. However, he's not visiting Sun. He's still working for Mr. Paik and delivering the panda to the Chinese ambassador who is now a grandfather. As he's walking out, he tells the nurse that he's only been married two months. It's all a flashback. DAMN! Well, that solves the mystery of that damn panda bear. But we still don't know where Jin was while Sun's baby was being born. I knew that Sun and Jin still being together was too good to be true!

Hurley stops by to visit Sun once she and the baby are home from the hospital. He's all dressed up in a suit with his hair, which gets longer and longer with every flashback, all brushed into this horrid do. That boy needs a stylist. He is nervous about seeing the baby, and then he says "well we should go to see him. Sun, Hurley, and little Ji Yeon go to a cemetery to visit Jin's grave. And tears well up in my eyes. No! Not Jin. I LOVE Jin. LOVE HIM. I wish I could read Korean to see what his grave said. Sigh. I'm so sad.

What an interesting way to structure this episode -- Jin's segments were all flashbacks while Sun's segments were flash forwards. Tricky, but clever. Damn those writers! They got me.

While Jin may appear to be dead, his headstone had his date of death as 9/22/2004. That's the same date Flight 815 crashed on the island, so maybe he's not dead after all. Or maybe there is some sort of pact about all the Losties not in the Oceanic Six having died on the day of the flight, as Kate and Jack implied at the courthouse. I dunno. I'm just sad about Jin. Or....

Is Jin really dead? What do you think? The date on his grave is curious. Sun certainly is in mourning. But what if????

Other questions. Please please answer them. I need some sleep and I keep thinking about the show. Give me your theories.

  1. How did Jin die?
  2. Who are the Oceanic Six?
  3. Who is the last body?
  4. Why did they show Michael mid-way through this episode?
  5. Why did Regina kill herself?
  6. Why did Michael sabatoge the Freighter?
  7. Where is Walt?
  8. Do the Freightors really believe Michael's name is Kevin Johnson?
  9. Should we believe anything the Captain says?
  10. Shouldn't it be pretty obvious to the Freightors who the traitor is?
  11. Why is Jack calmly eating cereal instead of drilling Charlotte and Faraday for information?

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Blogger Lis Garrett said...

I don't think Jin is dead at all. I think it's a cover up to protect those still on the island. I think you're right - there's some pact between the Oceanic Six in that the rest of the passengers "died" when the plane crash. But why???

14/3/08 10:50 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Lis, I don't KNOW. But I'm going nuts trying to figure it out. I feel like this darn tv show is trying to screw with my brain....and I love it.

14/3/08 11:46 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I hope Jin hasn't been killed off because I just love him. I still haven't gotten over losing Mr. Eko so I'd really like to see Jin make it.

1) Juliet DID tell Sun when she was giving her an ultrasound that her only chance of survival was conceiving off the island.

2) Maybe I'm reading too much into everything but I wonder if the Captain's first name will end up being "John" in some crazy Ayn Rand reference.

3) I thought the whole suicide thing was bizarre. Everyone seemed to just take it in stride. I hope they approach that again later.

4) I wonder why the other Oceanic Six didn't come along with Hurley to see Sun. On the ABC website, it said that last night's episode would reveal the LAST of the Oceanic Six. Does that mean that Aaron counts?

5)The appearance of Michael was really anti-climatic. Yawn. Moving on....

14/3/08 12:49 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Amy, The suicide thing has to do with the book that Regina was reading (upside down). I went to wikipedia to read about the Jules Verne book and the gist is that it's a story about a bunch of people on a boat that go nuts and start committing suicide. OK.

No way Aaron counts as one of the 6. He wasn't part of the manifest and he was born on the island. And we know that some people survive that weren't on the manifest either, like Ben.

I dunno, I'm always so confused!

14/3/08 7:07 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

I think the six are:

Sayid (wasn't there a recent episode where he was working for Ben some time in the future?)
Michael (although maybe if he's not being recognized as Michael, then he's not considered one of the six)

15/3/08 7:41 PM  
Blogger oh amanda said...

I agree that Jin is NOT dead. If you look at Sun's reaction in light of him being alive, they still make sense (she wants her ring, wants him in the delivery room, says "i miss you".) The Oceanic Six DEFINITELY did something bad. I just wonder what!!

15/3/08 10:13 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Barbara, I will be SO mad if Michael is one of the 6. I just can't see it. He's not even a major character anymore. I just want it to be Sawyer, but I still think it's Locke, because nobody would come to his funeral. And remember, whomever died had a J in his name.

15/3/08 10:44 PM  

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