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Friday, March 07, 2008

LOST Discussion Friday: The Other Woman--Updated

Last week on LOST: Desmond and Sayid finally arrived at the freighter, but we didn't get to know the freighter people very well because Desmond was busy bouncing around time. It turns out that Daniel might be a time tripper as well. Back on the island, Locke still has Ben and Miles locked up in the barracks while most of the other castaways are packing their bags and preparing to go home.

Tonight's episode focuses on Juliet, who appears to be willing to go to great lengths to stop Daniel and Charlotte from completing their mission. The episode starts off with Juliet talking with a therapist named Harper a week after her arrival on the island about the difficulties she's having dealing with celebrity. She thinks that everyone on the island is looking at her and paying too much attention to her. She says that it's isolating. Harper seems exceptionally rude and brusque and definitely not what a therapist would behave like. She doesn't like Juliet right off the bat. In the middle of the session, Juliet is called out to deal with another issue, meeting with Ben.

She leaves the therapist's office and meets Ben who shows her the fancy house she'll be living in, but she insists that it's too much since she'll only be on the island for six months. Ben looks at her like she's deranged, but doesn't tell her that she's not going home in six months or indeed six years. Ben's apparently getting a crush on Juliet. He's furnished her house with all the immenities including wind chimes and lots of potted flowers on the front porch. Awwww.....

In present time, Jack is freaking out because Charlotte and Daniel have disappeared into the jungle with some stuff that doesn't belong to them. Jin saw they leave but didn't say anything because Jack had said they were friends. He tells Sun, and she asks Jack if they are indeed friends. Jack doesn't answer, but gets Juliet, Jin, and Sun torches and they decide to leave into the jungle to track Charlotte and Daniel. Juliet immediately starts hearing whispers as the rain pours down. Suddenly Harper the therapist appears out of nowhere and says, "Hello Juliet. Long time, no see." It is NOT a friendly voice.

The therapist tells Juliet that she's arrived with a message from Ben. She says that Daniel and Charlotte are off to The Tempest station to release some gas on the island. If they release it, everyone on the island will die. She tells Juliet that Ben has ordered Juliet to kill them both. Juliet is confused. Then Jack interrupts and asks who the woman is, but the therapist ignores him and tells Juliet that she's arrived with that message from Ben. Then she totally disappears and the voices return. Jack flails around with his gun, but she's long gone. Note that Jack saw the therapist and heard her speak, so she's not necessarily a apparition. What she is appears to be a mystery. Is she with the Others? How does Ben have contact with the others when he's being held prisoner by Locke?

Flashback time. Juliet meets Goodwin for the first time when he comes to her to treat a "chemical" burn on his arm. He happens to be married to the therapist Harper, who Juliet accidentally calls a mean and spiteful person. Goodwin tells her to come to him if she ever needs to talk about the trouble she's having with the pregnant women dying on the island. She tells him that they need to make a deal. If he won't tell his wife Harper that she called her mean and spiteful, then she won't tell that his burn wasn't a chemical burn. He agrees, and gives her a long, hot stare. Well, we sure do know that she takes him up on his offer of friendship, and soon steamy sex occurs.

According to Juliet, The Tempest is an electrical station that powers the island. Juliet tells Jack that she needs his help, but she neglects to tell him about the plan that Charlotte and Daniel are supposedly concocting. The next morning the two freighter folks are in the still in the jungle searching for the Tempest Station. They have a hand drawn map, and as they stop for a drink near a clear pool of water, Dan asks what happens if he can't go through with the plan, but Charlotte assures him he can handle it. Before they can move on, Kate, on her way back from Locke's Lair, interrupts them and Charlotte whips out her pistol and points it right at Kate.

Kate informs the duo that Locke is holding Miles, but she ensures that he's just fine. Charlotte feeds her some story about how they're looking for packs that they threw from the chopper, but Kate doesn't buy it. When she decides to investigate Dan's bag, Charlotte pistol whips her and knocks her out. They leave Kate laying in the jungle totally out like a light. Nice!

Back in the land of flashbacks, Ben is eying Juliet with creepy, lovestruck eyes while she looks into a microscope. She's explaining that the pregnant women on the island lose their immune systems in the second trimester and their antibodies attack the fetus, causing maternal death. Ben is making googly eyes when Goodwin stops by to give Juliet a egg salad sandwich, which immediately queues up Ben's ire and indicates that Ben doesn't like this guy talking to his crush. Later in therapy, Harper mentions to Juliet that Ben is fond of her because she reminds him of someone else. She tells Juliet that she looks just like 'her'. She also knows that Juliet is sleeping with her husband. She wants Juliet to stop the affair so Ben won't get hurt. She intimates that Ben will do anything to keep Juliet and that Goodwin is in danger if he continues to see Juliet. Harper is very menacing in this scene, and she has a creepy mole on her chin.

In the next scene, Claire comes over to Locke as he's skinning a poor little bunny rabbit for dinner. Is it just me, or has Claire shown a remarkable lack of grief over Charlie's death? Or maybe she's just so upset she can't emote. Whatever, it's a bit strange that she barely shed a tear over Charlie. Anyhow, Claire tells Locke that she wants to talk to Miles to try to get some info out of him. She says that she's less intimidating that Locke is, and she thinks he'll talk to her. Of course, Locke the dictator refuses. He's getting a bit too power hungry. In Locke's basement, Ben is still reading Valis while John brings him some tasty rabbit John barbecued earlier for dinner. Yummy! Dead Bunny. Delish! Ben isn't thirilled with the rabbit, but he digs in. Locke has also brought him clean clothes.

Ben, who is of course being very Ben-like, is trying to get into Locke's head about his leadership abilities. He tells John that they have a common enemy: the man that the freighter folks work for. Ben says that if John lets him out he'll tell him everything, but that's the same old song we've heard a thousand times before. John doesn't look like he's going to fall for Ben's same old...but......?

In flashback land, Juliet is enjoying a lovely picnic with Goodwin on the beach. He hates that they have to be so private about their relationship and wants to go public with their hot steamy love, but Juliet advises him not to tell his wife. She says that Ben wouldn't like the news because he has a crush on her. We then cut to the moment when Flight 815 crashes and Ben sends Goodwin to infiltrate the Tailies. Did he do that because he suspected Juliet was sleeping with someone? Devious bastard, that Ben!

Back in the present, Jack and Juliet find Kate knocked out in the jungle. She tells Jack what happened and also lets him know about the gas masks she saw in Daniel's knapsack just before she got knocked out cold. Juliet disappears to "grab some water". However, "grabbing water" is really a code for vanishing into the jungle to follow Ben's orders and find Daniel and Charlotte at the Tempest and kill em' dead. Meanwhile, in Locke's Lair, aka the barracks, Locke is ready to make the deal with Ben. Ben proves he's not just blowing smoke again by showing John a safe behind a painting in his house. He gives Locke the combination and Locke opens up the safe with great dramatic flair. Inside the safe is a videotape containing footage of Charles Widmore and Widmore's file. Ben tells Locke that Widmore is the man who sent the freighter. He's searching for the island, but Ben doesn't know why. He just knows that Widmore wants to exploit the island and all the people on it, therefore he must be John's greatest enemy.

They watch the Widmore videotape, which shows Widmore killing a man with a blindfold, and Ben tells Locke that the blindfold man was one of his guys that got caught. Ewww. He also gives Locke Widmore's file, which he says is a combination of conjecture, truths, and suppositions, and also promises to tell him who the man on the boat is.

Of course, just as he's about to blurt out that news the show cuts to commercial. I swear, the commercial breaks are worse than they are on daytime soap operas. You know, that frozen look the actors get as the scene ends and the marketing begins? Yuck. So we never find out that the man on the freighter is Micheal, even though we all know this by now. I think this was one of the mistakes the writers made, dragging this out. Especially after the screen caps showing Michael on the freighter were leaked weeks ago. But oh well...

Back in the jungle, Jack and Kate track Juliet through the jungle flora, and Kate explains to Jack that she stayed with Locke/Sawyer to find out if the freighter folk knew about her past. He asks if they do, and she confirms that yes, they know she's a fugitive and a murderer. Bummer. She got that information out of Miles, remember? Meanwhile, Juliet has arrived at The Tempest. She opens this hatch door and then flashbacks to a dinner with an overly perky Ben, which is one of the weirdest sights I've seen on this show.

He's smiling and cooking ham and generally much happier than he's ever appeared to be. Obviously this is before he ran out of medication. Juliet tells Ben she's concerned that they've kidnapped children from the Tailies, but Ben insists that they're on the list and the list cannot be questioned. Juliet is also concerned that Goodwin is still undercover, but Ben assures her that his assignment will be over soon. She mentions that he's been gone 3 weeks already, but Ben plays stupid and carves up the ham.

Inside The Tempest, Juliet finds Daniel is in a hazmat suit and frantically typing into a computer while a warning alarm goes off. He insists that he's trying to render the gas inert and not release it. That would be more believable if Charlotte didn't come up behind Juliet and whack her with a crowbar.

A giant fight breaks out, and after the fight Charlotte insists that they're trying to stop the gas so Ben can't use it against them. Daniel does his thing and ensures that the gas won't be released with about 2 seconds to spare. Evidentally now the gas is inert and Ben can't use it again to kill everyone on the island, like he did with the Dharmas.

Back in the past, Juliet is telling Ben that a spinal surgeon (Jack) has landed on the island as one of the 815 crash survivors. Ben thanks her by taking her to see Goodwin's dead, impaled body, and she's understandably devastated. It looks like Ben had a man killed just because he had a little crush. He then tells Juliet that she belongs to him because he brought her to the island. Creep-tastic!

Jack and Kate finally arrive at The Tempest where Juliet explains that Charlotte and Daniel were only trying to help. She believes that they're now good guys, and that they're working for the Losties. She's also figured out that Ben gave her the message because he wanted Juliet to kill the two of them. His plan nearly worked, and she's afraid it will work at some point because Ben is completely crazy and obsessed with her. He's not going to give up until he wins. So with this scene we get twisted again, and now Ben is a bad guy (again/still) while the Freighter folks appear to be good guys. Or whatever. Nobody is clearly good or bad here.

In the barracks, Sawyer and Hurley are playing horseshoes while Ben walks by jauntily with his laundry. They both look on in absolute horror and amazement as he strolls by and says he'll see them at dinner. For once, Lost ends with a chuckle instead of a jaw dropping revelation. Next week we get to find out who the final member of the Oceanic Six is!


From BuddyTV, this is so obvious I think I want to poke my eyes out for not thinking of it.

Last week’s episode did a lot to open our eyes. Now that we know about time travel and the perception of time on the island being different than actual time off the island, some things are beginning to make sense, most notably, the whispers in the jungle and the appearance of people from out of nowhere.

I was reminded of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which the Enterprise gets stuck in a time loop, and at night, Beverly Crusher hears a series of whispers, which they discover are remnants of the previous time loops, echoes from the same time. Tonight, when Juliet heard the whispers, that all clicked for me, and I realized that the sound of whispers is actually the time outside the island catching up to the perceived time on the island.

What’s more, how do these people keep showing up in the middle of the jungle and vanish just as quickly. At first I was certain Harper was a ghost, then Jack saw her. No, there are no ghosts on this island, just people temporarily unstuck in time. The Others are probably using the research from the Orchid about shifting to transport people in space and time. The problem is that this requires them to apply real time to the island time, so the whispers are the residue of the shift.

It all makes perfect sense. How didn’t we see this all before? Perhaps the leap in logic to time travel was something we largely refused to accept as fact before it was shown to us last week. But just like that, the mystery of the whispers and the appearance of figures in the middle of the jungle is answered, if only you’ll put all the pieces together.

ABC has announced that this season will be shorter than originally thought. They will only air 5 new shows after the mini-hiatus. So here are the air dates of the remaining episodes... this is the "official word" from ABC:

Episode 6: March 6
Episode 7: March 13
Episode 8: March 20


Episode 9: April 24
Episode 10: May 1
Episode 11: May 8
Episode 12: May 15
Episode 13: May 22 (Season Finale)

We'll see if they stick with this schedule...

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