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Friday, April 25, 2008

Attention Jewish BlogHer members

Have you read this? I am so appalled, so ashamed that this IDIOT is being PAID to write for Blogher and was allowed to write this dreck, that I feel we need to take a stand. BlogHer, like most group blogs, tends to either ignore Jewish topics, or, when they feel they must write something, have a non-Jewish member write about the topic. I don't think they even employ a Jew, and I can tell you first hand that they post some of the more ignorant and misinformed crap about Judaism ever. A good example beyond this post? All of their Passover posts were written by a non-Jew who has become their expert on seders. You would think they would know better, but my opinion of Blogher is at all all time low as it is, even before this came out.

Note that my Blogher ads are removed and I have absolutely no interest in supporting this racist organization after what I read tonight. I would urge ALL other Jews who are involved with this organization to reconsider after this particular post. They certainly do not have our interests at heart, just as they do not have our monetary interests regarding their advertising network.

They're scum, people. I don't care how popular they are, and how squeee it is to talk about their stupid little yearly drunken bash. They're unprofessional (did you SEE their buttons they're hawking... proud of drinking and yet they don't understand why they can't get any respect outside the mommy blogging world), they're obviously racist and more than a tad bit antisemetic, and they're using YOU and YOUR BLOG for their own monetary gain. You're making nothing, but they're doing just fine. Hmmmm?

And one more thing. Can you imagine for one second if someone wrote a suggestion that all the Black people in the USA should be relocated someplace else? I mean, can you imagine? And yet look at the paltry amount of commenters even bothered to express their anger. And oh, were they angry.

Please, post on your own site about how outraged you are. Make them KNOW that this is unacceptable. Don't give them another cent of your money. They don't deserve it. They're racist and they proved it in spades today.

Addendum: The author of the questionable post thought it was such a great piece of writing that she cross posted it on her own blog. Let her know how you enjoyed reading it. Please! I hate to give her any more traffic, but good Lord, she really doesn't have a clue as to how offensive her posts are. She needs to know just as much as blogher needs to know how appalled you are that this kind of antisemetic posting was allowed on their site. And pass it on throughout the Jewish blogosphere. They need to know how highly Blogher thinks of the Jewish people. Right up there with cockroaches and ants.

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Blogger Barbara said...

I just woke up with night sweats and decided to see what was new on JBlogs.

Tomorrow my BlogHer Stuff goes bye bye. Along with a strong letter to them and to every jewish blogger I know.

25/4/08 2:51 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Thank you, Barbara. I'm so upset about this I can't sleep. I just cannot BELIEVE that this was allowed to be posted. I mean, how insensitive can you get!

25/4/08 3:04 AM  
Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

Appalling? Absolutely. Surprising? Not at all. Aside from this issue, which is heinous and indefensible, I've long thought that Blogher was masquerading as a beneficient organazation while exploiting bloggers for their own gain and sesnationalizing current events and issues to suit their agenda.

25/4/08 5:59 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

If this had turned up on a personal blog, it would be bad enough. That it was sanctioned by BlogHer, that's worse. Dana has apologized, and that's good, but pulling the post might be a stronger message.

25/4/08 2:08 PM  
Blogger Dana J. Tuszke said...


I’m terribly sorry for causing any pain to you and others. In no way do I proclaim to agree with Nennhaus book. I did not intend to hurt anyone. I’ve made my sincerest apologies at BlogHer. I thought this book was questionable, but I chose to read it and get a feel for what the author was thinking, and opened it for questioning at BlogHer because I wanted to understand what others had to say. In no way do agree with relocation of Israel and it was my intent to be objective to such a controversial topic — because of the complexity of the history of these nations.

You have every right to be upset, but please understand that it was not my intention to hurt anyone. This is just one book out of many that I’m reading to gain a better understanding of the Middle East. I often find that Americans can be close-minded about foreign affairs and I wanted to learn from many different works. I got more of an education than I expected and I’m grateful for that.

I’m terribly sorry for the pain I’ve caused.

25/4/08 3:39 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Dana - perhaps another post would help - because Palestinians are NOT indigenous to Israel. JEWS ARE.

Perhaps some time at JBlogs reading some wonderful Jewish bloggers (many WOMEN) will provide more insight in the future: http://www.israelforum.com/blog_home.php

Daisy - I have to agree. Removal of the post would be a much better response on the part of BlogHer.

25/4/08 3:48 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

I hope you've had a chance to achieve some calm and peace by the time you read this comment. I don't like to see anyone so very upset, and I'm sorry this flew all over you. You do NOT NEED to be getting this angry--it is not healthy for you, and it worries me.

My first reaction to the article was, "OMG, Dana, what are you THINKING?" And my next was, "I can't believe that anyone would type all this out, proof-read it, and then think it sounded reasonable, and POST it." I was truly shocked and horrified.

My father, a devout Christian and longtime Deacon in the church, FIRMLY "stood with Israel" in the Israel/Palestine conflict, and HE was the one who taught me that it was his strong feeling that Palestine had no claim to that land, and no right to be there. He referred to it as a "made-up country," a phrase which got me in hot water years later when I repeated it.

That said, I just can't make the jump to demonizing the people involved in this post, neither Dana nor BlogHer. My introduction to BlogHer was through a religion post by a fundamental Christian CE that just set my blood boiling--I responded to that post, and that is what put me on Lisa Stone's radar, and got me involved in BlogHer originally. BlogHer was founded on lofty ideals, and I honestly believe that, for the most part, the good women involved are doing their utmost to uphold and exemplify those ideals.

As for removing the post...I just don't know. It seems to be serving to educate a whole lot of people, at this point, and providing some valuable discussion. It would seem like, at this point, it needs to stay intact in some form just so those who join in the conversation can see what got everyone's ire up in the first place, and to understand why that anger was so very justified.

BUT: I do believe that there should be some editing to the original post, either at the beginning or as an addendum, or maybe both. Something along the lines of, "I was so uninformed about the history of this area and these people, that I was duped into reading and taking seriously the writings of a person who I later learned... etc. etc. ...which at the time, prompted me to write what I now understand to have been this ill-conceived post." Then at the end of the post, you could sum up what you've learned from the experience, and direct people to the comments, which is where the REAL education begins.

I'm sure that Dana is just sick about this whole thing--I know how I feel if I inadvertently upset even ONE person.

And I'm sure that the ladies of BlogHer are feeling a similar angst--honestly, I've never dealt with ANY corporation who cared more about the feelings and respect of every person with whom they come into contact than BlogHer. I can't help but have faith in them that they'll do the right thing. Maybe I'm wrong. But I'm hoping (and betting) not.

26/4/08 4:44 AM  

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