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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Damn Trees are Killing Me

I cannot breathe. My lungs are filled with allergy-related mucus and my nose has at snot that must be in inch thick. My sinuses... they do not work. Nor can I hear, because my ears are blocked. Seeing is also difficult because my eyes are so itchy and red.

Ah, spring! That time of year we all look so forward to. Mostly because we're morons who forget how miserable we are from the pollen. Nobody feels good right now. Yesterday I never even got out of bed, I was so nauseated from all the snot. My body is not made to react well to pollen. No matter how many allergy meds I take, and I take them all, nothing works.

Ok, enough with the bitching about spring. It's awfully pretty outside. Too bad I can't enjoy it unless I'm in a hermetically sealed environment. That PopeMobile is looking pretty darn good right now. I wonder if I could borrow it.

The Girl is driving me nuts. The Boy is doing really well right now. They switch off just to keep me on my toes. I'm curious as to how this summer is going to go, because I'm on a full scale war to keep the stoners out of my house. So far, I'm doing OK, but it's tough going when your kid has made a choice to befriend every stoner in town. She's such a chip off the old block. But I KNOW what it's going to do to her chances of getting into a decent college, and how it's going to affect her later life. She needs to separate from this now and learn to choose more wisely. Like that's going to happen!

I've been very busy reading my gigantic backlog of books, and will be writing up several reviews once my brain starts to work again. Until then, don't have any high expectations of anything intelligent coming from this blog, because I promise you, I'm barely functioning.

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Blogger mrsmogul said...

I got a pile of books to read too but will probably never get to them! Sigh...yay for SPRING! I used to get bad allergies but no more!

22/4/08 3:53 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Ah, nature, great provider, lovely mother of all pleasures and miseries alike. One word: Claritin.

22/4/08 8:37 PM  

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