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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Funky funky and pissed

I'm furious. I mean it, I'm beyond pissed off. But I am NOT linking to anybody or any site because I don't want to give these people one more penny of Blogher's ill-gotten spoils. It's a corrupt organization and I'm not going to stop saying it because it's not mommy-blogger politically correct. Like anyone that knows me would EVER expect me to keep my mouth shut when I'm pissed. You know my motto? "Don't fuck with me." Too bad Blogher didn't learn that BEFORE they decided to pick apart my people.

What I've learned from yesterday's Blogher debacle is a pretty long list of things that have slapped me in the face:

The organization is led by a moron that thinks if she drops in that her grandfather changed his name it's OK to sanction anti-Jewish and anti-Israel posts. In fact, it's just fine because Blogher is such a warm caring community. Just ask her. And then ask the Jews how much of a fine warm community feeling they have about that organization.

The woman that wrote the initial offending post apologized profusely and I believe that she had no idea of what she was doing when she wrote that post. BUT, and this is a big but, she's a PAID blogher employee in the political segment, and the assumption is that if Blogher hires someone and pays them as an employee, then they are supposed to KNOW something about their topic. Furthermore, when quite a few different people asked Blogher just what the requirements were for a contributing editor's post, Blogher was characteristically silent. Again. Because that's what they do.

I'm beside myself that one particular commenter felt it was OK to blame the victims. Like it's the Jews fault that this kind of post was up in the first place, and that it was the Israeli's fault that such a suggestion of ethnic cleansing was OK and just groovy because the "poor" "Palestinians" are so badly abused. Oh my fucking God, what an asshole. Of course you can all guess where this jackass was from. The Bay Area, the place where it's politically correct to crush Jews and make Israel the bloodthirsty aggressor in the middle east. You know, the place where they think it's just fine to lie and lie and lie some more about the aggression of Israel against those poor people who have to live behind a big cement wall built why? Oh, because those poor misunderstood "Palestinians" feel the need to go into malls, restaurants, wedding chapels, schools and neighborhoods with bombs strapped to their bodies and blow up innocent people just for fun? And of course this asshole posted this garbage after a calm and rational post trying to inform the original poster about the history of Jews in Israel.

I'm proud and thrilled that so many of my Jewish blogging friends have ripped the Blogher ads off their sites. I wish more would do so. As the Blog Antagonist says "I've long thought that Blogher was masquerading as a beneficient organazation while exploiting bloggers for their own gain and sensationalizing current events and issues to suit their agenda." Now THIS woman is a brilliant, savvy blogger. If you don't read her, you're missing one of the best reads on the entire blogosphere. But she's absolutely on target here. I've read her varying opinions (all negative) on Blogher before, but this one just hit the nail right on the head. They ARE exploiting bloggers.

Why do you all think your blog revenues dropped? And why do you think they were silent on the subject until I posted something that confronted them head on? Um, yeah. Where do you think the profits are going? Just how rich is Lisa Stone that she could quit her job in order to run this two-bit organization? Just how much money do you think they're making off each and every one of you that goes to their 'conferences' (read drunken baccanalias)? Me thinks it's a LOT more than you think.

They're exploiting you. They're taking advantage of you. They're USING you to enrich their pockets and push forward their agenda. They have a bevvy of cheerleaders that, when things slow down, post the everpresent question "Why doesn't the world take us seriously?" Um, because blogher presents itself as a bunch of silly vapid women pretending to be 'serious journalists' in-between the moments they are blogging about drinking and giving head. WHY would anyone take someone like that seriously?

I'm proud that the Jewish blogosphere (and yes, there is a large, vibrant, and opinionated community of Jewish bloggers... a REAL community as opposed to a pseudo-community of money grubbing, swag grubbing women who do nothing but snipe at each other.) came forward and looked at that blogher dreck and didn't remain silent. Because the truth is, all the other posters, the ones that show such outrage when they aren't bowed down to (can you say Stefania Butler and Erin Kotecki Vest?)... of course they remained silent. It's OK, no it's just FINE to diss the Jews. Especially if you live in California, where Jew bashing is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Where was the outrage on twitter? Not ONE freaking comment. Again, because Jew bashing is just fine, and the idea of the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people isn't really a big deal, is it? I mean, they did it in Spain and Portugal, and in Holland and then in Eastern Europe.. and then they tried to kill them all, too. In living history. But it still goes on. Antisemitism is still alive, rampant, and evidentaly a large part of the Blogher community spirit.

They made their statement. They showed us uppity Jews what we're all about. Don't give them another cent. If you're outraged, whether you're Jewish, Christian, or Hindu, then TELL THEM. Tell them with your Blogher ads. Take them down. Tell them with your refusal to go to their little shindigs. Cancel your plans. LET them hurt the way they have hurt the Jews. Nobody deserves it more than Blogher right now.

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Blogger Erin said...

a) I learned about this on twitter in a car on my way from an airport. So there was much discussion.

b) I think you are over-reacting given the response of the editor who posted, the response of the community manager, and the response of the co-founder.

c) I think your previous posts have shown you are anti-Blogher, therefore your credibility to look at this rationally is weak.

d) I spoke positively about the organization before having every received a paycheck.

e) I in now way agree or condone that post, and hope additional action is taken to make amends for the offense it may have caused.

f) I apologize for any HURT you have been caused, as I am an editor, and wish i could speak on a broader scale for the organization but do not have the authority.

g) I firmly believe in the ideals of blogher and have seen the benefits and hate to see you badmouthing them. But...you knew that already.

26/4/08 4:39 AM  
OpenID cahwyguy said...

Especially if you live in California, where Jew bashing is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

Well, being a Jewish blogger in California (albeit not one following this BlogHer debacle -- instead, I follow the the Drama Llama that is Livejournal :-)), I do have to take exception to the above. Both Southern and Northern California have strong and active Jewish communities. I'm not sure it is right to tar people as antisemitic just because of where they live. Yes, there are antisemitic twits out here (I was a member of the congregation next door to the North Valley JCC when the shooting occurred), but we're also home to some of the strongest movements on the other side as well (the Weisenthal Center is also in California).

So, get upset at Blogher all you want -- that's your right. Be upset at the content of the posts that drove this. But let's not tar all of California at the same time.

26/4/08 8:11 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Oh, and btw, it was so nice of you to directly message me to let me know (with such nice words/snark) you wrote this.

And it occurs to me to point out that highly offensive suggestions about race, gender, and abortion have also occurred in posts and discussion that the site- I am proud at the level of discourse that occurs over these highly upsetting topics. I think it is important to have a place online where women can gather and know they can discuss without the stake with which you seem to be lighting the match under.

26/4/08 10:43 AM  
Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

Aside from the issue of the offensive post, I've always thought Blogher was talking out of both sides of their mouth.

I decided long ago not to be carry their ads on my site or be affiliated with them.

They are exploiting women, writers, bloggers while masquerading as a philanthropic entity. They are a BUSINESS and their priority is their bottom line.

I think that the woman who founded Blogher had pure motives, but as often happens when something catches on, ideals become lost in a sea of dollar signs.

26/4/08 11:04 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

I haven't spent enough time reading about Blogher to have an opinion on their policies. But I can say that the offensive post was indeed that, offensive.

I liked Solomonia's response.

26/4/08 12:02 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Do you remember your interview with Neil? Where, when discussing Mike Huckabee's IQ (and you know that I am NO Mike Huckabee fan), which you estimated to be around 65, you wondered how he came to be elected governor of Arkansas in the first place, and then drove home the finishing blow that, after all, "it IS Arkansas?"

WOW, that hurt. And it especially hurt because you know ME. And Ellen. And other Arkansas residents and bloggers. In the first place, Huckabee ain't stupid. I WISH he was, but he isn't. Watch and see--he's not done wreaking havoc yet. I can't stand the guy, but you won't find anyone who knows him who thinks he's unintelligent. Ignorant, yes. Stupid? Nope. In the second place, the people of Arkansas, if they would elect someone with an IQ of 65...I guess that makes us sub-retarded?

The actual circumstances surrounding the Huckster's initial term (it's quite a story) as governor, followed by his election are complex, and it's not like he ever won by a landslide.

ANYWAY, my point is, that I didn't call you out on that hurtful, insulting post, because I knew that you didn't mean to be unkind to actual people with actual feelings, and I didn't want to make you feel bad about it...but it really did hurt my feelings. I spend much of my life defying the very wrong stereotype that people (who've never been here, usually) have of Arkansans as backward and stupid, and it hurt when someone who knew me said something like that.

Similarly, it kind of feels like you're painting all of BlogHer with the same anti-Semitic brush, like you did all of California, and all of Arkansas (but with a "stupid" brush in that case). I think you're absolutely right to be infuriated with that post. It pissed ME off. I just don't buy that an entire group of thousands of people is trash because of it.

26/4/08 1:03 PM  
Blogger Wisconsin Mommy said...

I have to say that I agree with Belinda. It is a form of political correctness gone crazy that it is allowable to bash and ridicule Republicans, conservatives, etc. I am NOT IN ANY WAY saying that it is okay to spew racist or anti-semetic garbage, only that we should ALL speak carefully and with respect, even if we do not agree. I am not sure what is served by calling someone an "idiot"...especially when they have bent over backward trying to undo some of the hurt that was felt due to their actions.

27/4/08 11:13 AM  

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