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Monday, April 07, 2008

Home, tired, and already broke up a fight

It took over 9 hours for us to get from DC to Boston. We got up early enough, finished packing the car, and got on the road.

We didn't try to push it, so we stopped a lot at various and sundry reststops along the way, some of which were very entertaining. Some were plain old boring, and the selection of road food has gone from bad to worse. We didn't get to an Auntie Anne's pretzel place until Sturbridge, and by then we really didn't want one.

The car was great, we both drove, but every time Iris drove I fell asleep within minutes. I am such a snooze-aholic when I ride shotgun. The price of gas fluctuated wildly with each state crossing. I think Washington and NY were the most expensive, and Delaware and MA were the least expensive.

We got to Iris's house and her son helped unpack. Her delighful husband (not) yelled at me when I told him to go out and help, and I told him to can it. Nobody needs to be called out more than this guy. He is such a bully, but I just won't take it.

Then, after the car was unloaded, I drove home and had the kids unload all of my crap. There is a LOT of stuff, people. A LOT of stuff. I'm totally wiped out.

The kids had to take a ride in the new car to test it out. They both approve and say that they are not embarassed to be riding in this vehicle. Good, because we're going to have it for a long long time.

Tomorrow, mammogram and podiatry appointments. Life keeps getting better and better.

Wanna see some cherry blossoms?

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

Welcome home. I have a beautiful cherry tree in full blossom, pink, in my front yard.

7/4/08 10:35 PM  
Blogger Rhiannon said...

Does it make you sick that I had to explain to a coworker about cherry blossoms today? Apparently, they do not have them in Vegas, where she is from.

Glad you are home safely! And, nothing makes me more ill than a man who watches women work. He does need to be called out!

8/4/08 12:56 AM  
Blogger Domestic Sensualist said...

Yayyy, welcome home with a car to boot! Nobody deserves it more than you.

8/4/08 8:44 AM  

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