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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have officially entered Holiday Blues territory

I've been feeling crappy for days now, tired and depressed and barely able to get off my ass and do something. I've been snappy and pissy and sick and tired of people. Aha, it's the holiday blues. I get this way every year right before Passover. It's a combination of being overwhelmed with the amount of money I'm spending, the amount of work it takes to make a seder, and the amount of time I have to do all this in. It's hard hard work, especially when you have one totally non-cooperative child and one barely cooperative child in your home. Counting on them for help is useless. They resent it. They only want to reap the benefits of my hard work.

I usually don't fall apart this badly until the day before Passover, when I'm physically at my limit, and emotionally spend. But the I read this, and I cried for an hour. An hour. Over a complete stranger's loss. Oh, it was so sad and most of us who have lost beloved pets can relate. Go read it. Your heart will just break it's so sob-worthy.

Man, do I feel like a sap. Crying over Martha? What's next. Oprah? Dr Phil? Emeril? Please, just shoot me now.

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OpenID sugmai said...

I found this while looking for things to do with matzoh — I'm passing the link on because I'm going to have my kids play it while I'm cooking! http://www.fyrebug.com/?p=5444

& I cried over Paw Paw too - who wouldn't? She loved him. sniff. Go play some games!

16/4/08 3:02 PM  

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