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Thursday, April 24, 2008


This morning I had an early meeting with my mom's group that was, as usual, wonderful and supportive. I promised the Girl that we would do something fun after I got home, but I wouldn't tell her what. I actually wasn't too sure what I'd be up for, but I decided to take her to IKEA. She's never been, she loves their stuff, and it would be good exercise walking around that store. And I mean around and around and around. Good Lord, that place is a huge maze.

When we finally got near enough to the store for her to see the giant blue and yellow sign, she got all excited. She's a huge fan of the catalog, she's got several pieces of IKEA furniture in her room, and she loves bright colors and room decoration. There couldn't be a better mid-week field trip for her.

We did the showroom floor first, and got to the bedrooms where I asked a sales rep about the broken drawer in her dresser. She told us that we could go to the AS IS counter at the very end of the Marketplace by the checkout stands and if they could, they would help us. We continued to wander the store, trying out various and sundry chairs and sofas and poking through bins of stuff. Then we went downstairs to the Marketplace and checked out a bunch of stuff including the cutest dishes and silverware. Inexpensive, but we don't really NEED new dishes, so I wistfully bade them a fond farewell. Sigh.

In the curtain department the Girl was totally awed by a couple of choices, and I think we'll go back for them over the summer, once she paints her room. That's the very last thing she wants to do, and then her room will be 'finished' until she gets a bee in her bonnet to make some more changes. As we were walking through the Children's Department, she absolutely fell in love with the furniture that looks like a Mickey Mouse bedroom. She was gobsmacked and would have just picked up the pieces and walked right out of the store if I had let her. That child was in lurve.

After negotiating every curve, we finally found the As Is office and stopped in. The guy working there was very helpful and gave us some new bottom panels that he said might work. If they didn't, we would have to return the dresser, which is OK, I actually don't mind doing that, but I don't think it will fit in the car.

We got lost on the way home because I was paying more attention to the Girl crushing on the catalog than the road signs, which were typically confusing anyhow. So we ended up coming home through Boston and driving by the river. All the cherry blossoms are in bloom, along with the azaleas and forsythia. It's just gorgeous. The river was like a waterway of diamonds, sparkling and winking in the bright sun. People were already sailing and sunning on the shores, and it looked like the most perfect day outside.

Getting lost is often frustrating, but this time it was pure joy. We talked about all the things we saw on the road, and it was relaxing and incredibly beautiful. But eventually we reached home and the Girl went up to try her new dresser bottoms.

They don't fit.

Oh well, it was a lovely field trip and we both had a lot of fun, even though we couldn't eat anything due to Passover. Bummer.

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