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Thursday, April 24, 2008

LOST Dicsussion Friday: The Shape of Things to Come


This month hiatus had me going over the previous episodes for this season with a fine tooth comb, looking for clues as to what might happen next. I have been scouring the Lost boards and web sites, reading various scenarios and I'm going to admit it here and now: I have no clue as to what will happen next! Waiting five weeks for a new episode of LOST kind of felt like being stuck in a time loop. Technically it wasn't that long of a wait, but after the cliffhanger ending of "Meet Kevin Johnson," it certainly seemed like a thousand days went by before tonight's episode. To recap, when we last left the castaways, Rousseau and Karl were shot by mystery men in the jungle, Locke was trying to plan his next move, and the Losties on the beach were still awaiting rescue. Tonight, a giant battle breaks out and we learn more about "The Shape of Things to Come."

The remainder of Lost's fourth season begins on the beach. We open with Jack who is popping some pills from the makeshift island pharmacy, claiming that he has some sort of bug.

Kate stops by to make conversation and chat about crackers which she recommends for stomach distress, but their nice moment is soon interrupted when a mysterious body washes up on the beach. Nobody recognizes the body until Daniel Faraday confirms that it's the doctor from the freighter, but nobody has any clue as to who slit the doctor's throat?

Sawyer and Hurley play a game of Risk (very fitting, I'd say) back at the barracks, while they're babysitting for Aaron. Meanwhile, in the Jungle a mystery man force Alex to turn off the island's fence. The guy is from the freighter and was one of the skeet shooters, Keamy. Alex turns off the fence due to the gun threatening her, even though she knows that the consequences for doing so are pretty damn scary! In other words, the freighter folks better not come crying to her when Smokey flies by and thrashes them.

Back in the barracks, Locke receives a phone call. The black phone actually starts ringing. The look on Locke's face is priceless as he picks up the receiver and answers the phone. It's a recording repeating "Code 14-J" over and over again. When Locke tells Ben about the phone call, Ben grabs a bunch of shotguns, obviously aware that 14-J is the code for big trouble. Ben says that the code means that the freighters are at the barracks already, and they have to prepare. He makes everyone block the doors and windows in preparation for the 'war'.

Next, Ben flash-forwards to the Sahara Desert, where he wakes up shaking, shocked, and nauseous. Apparently, teleporting isn't as easy as it looks, because he looks like he's been stomped by a camel. In the middle of nowhere, with absolutely nothing but sand dunes around him, a shot is fired into his arm, and then he's approached by two gun-wielding Arab soldiers on horseback, who he quickly dispatches with a kick-ass baton move. Removing the head scarf from one of the very dead soldiers, he wraps his wound and then mounts one of the horses, rides off, and Ben the action hero is born. He's just like Indiana Jones in this scene. Loved it!

We learn that Code 14-J is a signal that someone has been captured and forced to deactivate the fence. Ben tells Locke to stick by his side. The freighter folk won't risk hurting Ben, so staying near him is the best idea. Of course Locke is dubious. That man is so distrusting of everyone and everything that he's a danger to himself. The group, consisting of Hurley, Ben, Locke, and Aaron, barricade themselves in Ben's place.

Sawyer is outside looking for Claire when machine gun fire breaks out. Random red shirts are shot while Sawyer avoids ridiculous hails of bullets.

Before the "Directed by Jack Bender" title can come on the screen, Claire's house has exploded thanks to a rocket launcher. It's a big firestorm and we're sure Claire has not survived. But....

Now in Tunisia, Ben is booking a hotel room with one of his many aliases. This alias happens to be Dean Moriarty, which is a total Sherlock Holmes shout out. The female clerk is dubious and suspicious, but grants him a room key. Ben double checks what the day and year it is with the clerk (2005) before catching a glimpse of Sayid on the television behind the desk. The press is harassing Sayid about his recently deceased wife Nadia, but Sayid says that he just wants to be left alone to bury her. Interesting. More on this to come.

Back at the barracks, Ben claims that they need to find Jacob if they're ever going to evade the freighter folk. Locke can't find the cabin and knows that Ben can't either, but Ben claims that Hurley can, which I found particularly interesting since the last time they looked for Jacob, the cabin was not where Hurley thought it was. I am really curious as to how they explain how the cabin moves about the island at will. Meanwhile, Sawyer who is still outside Ben's house in the midst of gunfire finds Claire buried under some rubble and still very much alive, but not quite conscious. He takes her to Ben's place, where Miles also arrives a moment later. Miles has a walkie talkie and claims that his shipmates want to talk to Ben.

Back in the middle east, globetrotting Ben is now in Tikrit, Iraq, where both Saddam Hussain and Sayid are from. Interesting populace in Tikrit! Nadia's funeral is being held in Tikrit, and our action hero Ben goes up on a roof, pulls out a camera and a telephoto lense, and starts taking photos of a strange man bald man on the street. He also snaps one of Sayid carrying the casket, but the Sayid spots him, and as Ben is running away, Sayid tackles him. Ben claims that he's there to find the man that murdered Sayid's wife. When Sayid asks him how he got off the island, Ben says that he got off the island using Desmond's boat and the special heading, but we all know he teleported. I guess his ability to teleport is to remain a secret. Ben also tells Sayid that one of Widmore's men murdered Nadia. He doesn't know why it happened, but Sayid immediately believes him anyway.

Back at the island barracks, Miles says he thinks there may be about six of the freighter folk coming for Ben, and he also informs everyone that Alex is being held hostage. Ben picks up the walkie-talkie and contacts Keamy, the one freighter guy we've identified. The man tells him to surrender and that no one else will be harmed, but Ben knows better. He rattles off Keamy's entire back story including the fact that Keamy was a mercenary soldier, and we know we can't trust mercenaries, so Ben refuses to cooperate.

He almost changes his mind once Keany drags Alex out, pushes her down on her knees and put a gun to her head, but instead he tells them that they should get off the island. He also tries to say that she means nothing to him since she's not really his daughter. It doesn't work, and Keamy shoots Alex in the head. Whoa! Ben looks horribly shocked, but he's saved his life by ending Alex's. That man is heartless.

Ben can't believe that Alex is dead, and frankly, neither can I. I think Ben has officially lost his mind. He goes into his hidden room, sneaks into a secret passage we've never seen, and flash-forwards/teleports to Iraq. Ben tails Nadia's bald killer through the streets, and after it appears he's lost him, the bald killer catches up to Ben, wanting to know why Ben's following him. Ben says that he needs BaldKiller to take a message to Charles Widmore. Before Ben can relay the message, Sayid pumps the guy full of bullets. It appears that this is where we learn why Sayid teamed up with Ben as his hit man in the future. Sayid wants to bring war against the people who killed Nadia. Before doing that, he really should make sure Ben is actually telling the truth.

Back at the island barracks, Ben comes out of his secret passage looking filthy and a bit shopworn, and tells everyone that it's time to make a run for it. When he gives the go signal, they all need to run to the treeline and stay there. One, two, theee... and that's when Smokey decides to make a very pissed off appearance in the barracks. Old Smokey goes around killing the freighter folk, while the Losties are shocked that Ben has the ability to summon the monster to do his bidding. In one cool scene, a freighter guy tries to run from Smokey, and Smokey forms sort of a hook like hand and pulls the guy backwards and kills him. This is the biggest Smokey we've ever seen, long and fairly solid. While everyone is busy getting torn limb from limb by the Smokemeister, Ben says goodbye to Alex.

Back on the beach, Faraday is playing MacGyver and attempting to get a signal to the freighter. Since the phone is broken, he repairs it to send morse code signals to the freighter. He sends out a signal in morse code asking what happened to the doctor. The response comes back faintly, but he understands it. He claims that the response reads that the helicopter is on its way soon to rescue everyone, but Bernard knows better. Faraday is not pleased to learn that Bernard knows morse code and Bernard reports that the response actually said that the doctor is just fine and the freighters don't know what Faraday is talking about. Curious, eh? Jack demands to know if rescue was ever part of the plan, and just as Faraday admits it wasn't, Jack doubles over in pain. This is no time for a case of appendicitis!

Meanwhile, at the barracks, Locke is peeved that Ben lied to him about his knowledge of Smokey, but Ben claims he can chat with Jacob about it. Jacob will explain all, and we know that Locke can actually hear Jacob, unlike Ben. Those two have to stick together in order to get anything done, it seems. Sawyer, tired of the nutcases around him, decides to take everyone back to the beach. He wants Hurley to tag along, but Locke won't allow it. Locke and Sawyer have an excellent faceoff, with both holding guns in each other's faces. But good old Hurley reluctantly agrees to go with Locke to stop the guys from killing each other. Off Sawyer, Claire and Aaron go into the jungle at night to start the long trek back to the beach and Jack's team.

Globetrotting Ben is now in London and looking strangely suave while wielding his baton. Entering a very hoity-toity building, he convinces the consierge that he's visiting Mr and Mrs Somebody or Other, and the consierge looks dubious about the hour, but allows Ben to head up into the elevator. Instead of going to the 4th floor to visit Mr and Mrs Somebody, Ben pulls out a key and inserts it into the Penthouse stop, thus heading straight to the penthouse suite of a gorgeous apartment house. It appears that this is Charles Widmore's lovely little flat.

Ben sneaks in and confronts Charles in his bedroom, where he's fast asleep. Awakened, Charles wonders if Ben has come to kill him, but Ben claims that he can't do that. He reminds charles about the 'rules', whatever that means. He's there to confront Widmore about the murder of Alex, but old Charles doesn't want to hear it. To get revenge, Ben says that he's going to kill Widmore's daughter, meaning that Penny is now in grave danger. Widmore wishes Ben good luck finding her, but we know Ben will find her with his wide network of spooky whomevers all over the world. Then Widmore claims that the island is his and he intends to get it back, but Ben says that he has no chance of finding it. That's when the episode comes to an end, with the logjam of both having something the other wants, but both are hidden and difficult to attain.

This hour was so jam packed that I need to give my brain time to rest. I'd say that was worth waiting five weeks for. But some burning questions are raised.

Just what is Ben hiding that is worth more than his daugher's life?

Is the Island's magical or monetary promise what makes it so desirable to Widmore and Ben?

How does Hurley end up as one of the Oceanic 6 if he remains with Locke?

Are there going to be people left on the island alive once the Oceanic 6 leave?

Is Jack going to turn sicker next week? Do you think he needs his appendix out? And if so, will Juliet do the surgery?

Did Smokey kill all of the freighter folks, and if so, who is going to fly the helicopter back to the freighter? Is the pilot still alive?

Do the remaining freighter folks end up aligning with the the Losties?

WHERE ARE THE OTHERS? And why aren't they coming to Ben's rescue.

Why can Hurley find Jacob's cabin when Locke and Ben can't? What's up with that?

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Blogger TheKytiKat said...

The pilot is alive, he was in the promo for next week. He comes across Saywer et al in the jungle and tell them to hide because "he's coming, and he'll kill you all." 'cept Baby Aaron seems to cry and give the LOSTies up. We'll see.

Ben had sent the Others to the "Temple" hatch. It's possible, given that Alex was ambushed very close to the Temple, that the Others have already been found and killed. More likely, they are hidden, deep underground, awaiting Ben's next order. Ben can still communicate with them. (he sent the good doctor to project herself into that clearing with Juliette, remember?) Dharma was all about astral projection, and ESP, and all kinds of weird stuff. The Jungle folk are probably folk who can do all that, and escaped Dharma over the years, before Ben had them all wiped out.

25/4/08 5:38 AM  
Blogger oh amanda said...

I've been thinking the same thing---what are the original Others doing? Just chilling out?

I DO think Widmore & Ben's desire for the Island are as different as Locke's & Jack's. Hmmm....

25/4/08 9:16 AM  
OpenID runningamuck said...

I was wondering the same thing about Hurley being able to find Jacob. He's found him before, completely by accident. So why does Ben think he can find him now? Is it Hurley's "luckiness"? He seems to have some very strong ties with Luck. That's all I got on that one.

Love the screen shots btw.

25/4/08 10:35 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I finally got to see this episode and it was great! I have to admit I don't remember when the idea of Ben being able to teleport was introduced. Have we seen him do this before? How did he get the information on the guy who allegedly killed Nadia that he showed to Sayid?

And I wonder when Claire is going to finally kick the bucket...

30/4/08 11:08 AM  

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