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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shopping in a foreign land

Today we went to buy Al some of the items he sorely needs, such as pots and pans, kitchen utensils, etc. We found a dollar store right away and spent some money in there on a few things, but they didn't have anything we really needed. So we set out to a part of the state that we are unfamiliar with. Al has only recently moved to this small corner of Silver Spring from another, much more urban town. His daughter is totally unfamiliar with this area, and I'm a complete dufus when it comes to finding stores in places I have never been. It was a comedy in errors.

We thought that if we found the Rockville Parkway, we would also find stores. Well, we found the parkway, and we drove up and down it a couple of times, and there were some small strip malls, but no big box retailers that might have good pots and pans at discount prices. We stopped to get some delicious sushi in an asian neighborhood, and then tried a bit more on the Parkway, but it was apparent we were just plain lost.

So we found our way back to the general neighborhood we did know, did some grocery shopping at the Safeway (man, has THAT chain improved it stores!) and then decided we would try and find the Home Depot. Now I knew that there was a HD nearby, and I thought I knew how to get there, and I was oh, so close, but turned the wrong way and we ended up in a totally other town.

Fortunately this town had just what we needed, a TJMaxx, a HomeGoods, a really good Italian restaurant where we decided to have dinner, and a bunch of other important finds like Cold Spring Creamery and Pinkberry Yogurt. Very very exciting finds!

We bought his pots and pans and some nice kitchen utensils, and then we came home and I made a huge gigantic pot of marinara sauce. It cooked for a couple of hours, I spooned it into 8 separate freezer containers after it cooled, and now Al has enough sauce for 8 meals. I also showed him the spices I bought him, and how to use them. We found a Penzy's while were were lost!

After all that shopping and cooking, it was time to load up the car for the trip back to Boston tomorrow. Boo hoo. The car is not large. It isn't tiny, but it isn't huge by any means. Iris's mom had more stuff that anyone could imagine. Remember they had just downsized into this condo from a single family house and had cleaned out tons and tons of stuff they didn't move. But there is so much more. SO MUCH more. Iris wanted her mom's Passover china, and some other pieces of Judaica. Al was urging us to take anything, and slowly but surely the car filled up with stuff. Lots of stuff. Iris's mom was an inveterate shopper and always wore purple, so an entire pile of purple clothing had to be sorted. Shoes? The woman was Imelda Marcos's challanger for shoe whore of the world. We threw out tons but she had pair after pair of purple shoes. I had no clue that there were so many purple shoe choices out there, but I was wrong. There are. And she bought them all!

The condo comes with those luggage carts that porters use in big hotels, and we filled 2 of them up several times each. The only weird thing is, there is so much more we didn't even go through. I got a few nice things for us, a pretty crystal decanter and vase, a silver tzedakah box, some great Passover cookbooks, some gorgeous knitting books (Iris's mom was an expert knitter and we are bring back a lot of her sweaters), and a few other items. And a set of silverware! We will be able to eat again!

The two of us are so tired we're about to keel over. My ankles are the size of grapefruits and hurt like a MoFo. We'll be leaving early in the morning (that damn Iris is such an early bird...we hate her) and should be back home around 4 where we will unload all that crap from the car, and then I will drive my car home, where it will hopefully live happily ever after.

It was a lot of work in a weekend, but the end result was good. Al has a good handle on the kitchen, he's good various foods to eat, I'll be sending him notes on how to cook all the various stuff, he's got 8 2 cup helpings of fabulous red sauce and whole wheat pasta. He'll be fine. And I have a car. I think I got the better end of the deal, but maybe not.

I've got pictures galore to download when we get home!

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Blogger Rhiannon said...

Oh my goodness - did my Grandma have the SHOES. We are going through the process of sifting through her stuff. I wish I wore her size, but, my feet are giant.

Anyway, I just love what you did this weekend. It makes my heart sing!

And, yay for having wheels again!

6/4/08 11:05 PM  
Blogger bethany actually said...

WOW, you guys had a busy weekend! I am so glad that Iris has such a good friend in you to help her and her dad in their time of need.

And now you have a car again!

7/4/08 1:03 AM  
Blogger Domestic Sensualist said...

You are an angel! I know it was hard work, but I hope it was also fun to get away. Glad you have some nice goodies to bring home. And a car!!! woo hoo.

7/4/08 1:00 PM  

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