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Friday, April 11, 2008

Sometimes she is my baby girl again

Most of the time, the Girl is all teenager. She's got a phone glued to her ears, she's typing furiously to keep up with 27 different people on Meebo, and she's leaving a trail of crumbs behind her. She's got a mouth that many fishwife would envy, and she's got an opinion on just about everything and anything.

But there are these moments in time, wonderful kind moments when she just melts in front of my eyes and turns 5 again instead of 15. She's filled with delight about something she's seen or heard and she can't wait to tell me about it. She'll get on the sofa beside me and curl right up and share her day. Her head lays on my stomach and I watch it rise and fall with my breaths as she calms down and stretches out.

Soon she's asleep, her skin all soft and smooth and creamy beautiful in repose. She's breathing softly, all of the tension of being a teenage girl in high school slowly being released with every breath she takes. All of her fears, her anger, her anxiety leak through her pores and she turns backwards in time, becoming my baby girl again.

When she wakes, she wants to go go go. Places to go, things to do, she's always busy. But in my bed, or on the sofa, or even sitting on my lap in the big arm chair, she slows down and even stops. She's all soft and curvy with squishy arms and legs again, her hair tangled in a messy crown around her small face. She hugs me and spoons tightly next to me, and tells me that she loves me 'this much' as she holds out her arms to her sides.

Then I fall in love with her all over again, my baby girl all grown up.

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Blogger Rhiannon said...

Oh so sweet. I've learned recently that you're never too old to need your Mama.

12/4/08 10:26 PM  

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