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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bills, bills, bills

There is something fundamentally wrong with me. I cannot pay the phone bill on time. I mean to do it every single month, and every single month I pay the bill the day before it's due... if I'm lucky. Sometimes I'm so late that I have to call and lie and tell them that I sent the bill in. And then I send it in... most of the time.

I'm just terrible about this damn bill. For some unknown reason I think I believe that phone and internet service should be free. I know I have to pay it, but I don't want to. I think my money should only be used for things I love, and not for things I need. Like tires. Don't you just hate spending so much money on tires? They're ugly. You can't even wear them. So much money for ugly pieces of rubber? It seems wrong.

I hate bills. Whether they are online, or paper, when they arrive in my mailbox I just want to toss them. It's why I want to live off the grid. I'm not so much interested in the environmental savings as I am not having to pay the damn bills every month. Especially bills like electricity and gas, where the providers can tell you anything and you have to believe it. No competition means that they can set their prices any way they want. Like extra high.

I wish I were better about bills. I have this friend who is a fanatic bill payer. She has this file system where you stick the bills into a date 5 days before they're due, and every day she checks the files to see what bills need to be paid on that date. Me, I think this is a bit OCD. I mean, it works for her, she's never late on her bills, and that's what the creditors want, right? Well, no. They want to charge you all those late fees. They make bill paying difficult for a reason. For morons like me who are not inclined to be particularly organized. I'm their dream customer.

I want my money to be spent on things I think are beautiful or delicious or keep me warm or cool. I like things that will make me laugh or learn or be a better citizen. Utilities, while needed, just don't jazz me.

However, today my son came home with a button he bought me. It says "I'm Fucking Ben Afflick". THAT is a good usage of money.

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Blogger Stefanie said...

That's funny about the button. Yesterday I was in Ahhs of all places and saw the same thing on a shirt and almost bought it. I'd commiserate about bills but i have two crying infants.

22/5/08 7:20 PM  

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