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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CRASH! Accident on the T --Updated

As the Girl said in amazement, "Wow, something actually happened here!"

It sure did. Two T trains, coming from the same direction, outbound from Boston, crashed here in our fair city. The trains were going at full speed between the Waban and Woodland T stops and were on the same track. Being rush hour, the trains were jammed with riders. Those that weren't seriously injured were asked to leave the train and walk back to the Woodland stop. The hospital, which is literally around the corner from the crash site, is standing by to receive patients, but so far none of the potential patients have been extricated from the crushed train. Ambulances, fire and police personnel are all surrounding one particular train car, which evidentially means that most people were not seriously injured and were able to walk off the train.

All of the rescue vehicles arrived via the Brae Burn Country Club, which is right on the edge of the crash site on Dorset Road. The country club enabled a lot of vehicles to be right on the site.

As of yet, nothing has been determined as to what happened and why, although the MBTA is on the scene. There has been a command post set up on Beacon St. for first responders to keep records on the number of serious injuries, trauma cases, and what hospitals the injured were transported to. Medflight helicopters are also on the scene.

Four patients have arrived at NW Hospital. Two were walk-ins, two were transported. Boston Medical Center expects two of the serious cases, which have not arrived. So far, there is no reliable information on what the injuries are. One person is stuck in the front of the train and the first responders are cutting holes in the train to get him out.

Updates to follow as the information comes in!

Update1: Operator of train is a female, and she is the person they are still trying to extricate from the crashed car. Her injuries are being reported as very very serious. She has been reported as conscious but with life threatening injuries.

One other person was medflighted to Boston Medical Center, and 6 other patients with non-life threatening injuries were treated at NW Hospital. Lights have been brought to the crash site. Sparks are shooting out of the window of the train as the first responders cut away the metal of the train. A small brush fire occurred at the crash site, but was quickly extinguished.

According to the news media, everyone on the first train got off safely. The second train had the injuries. Seats are being thrown out of the windows of the train car. The firefighters have been working for almost two hours in order to free the driver of the train.

Interviews with some of the passengers said that they were knocked off their feet and thrown forward. They were asked to leave the train, and then walked down the tracks to Woodland. Two people actually walked themselves to NW Hospital, which is only a couple of blocks away.

Update 2: The driver of the second train was killed in the accident. Her body still has not been recovered from the wreckage, and the first responders continue to work on cutting away the train to extricate her. According to the news reports, other injuries were serious, but not life threatening.

Of course this means that the T will not be operating between Woodland and Waban stations, and alternate transportation (busses) will be on hand for the morning commute.

The helicopters have finally stopped whirling overhead.

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Blogger baby~amore' said...

hi Margalit
I'm here from NaComLeavCom - what tragedy.
I hope the injured recover quickly. I wish I had something else earnest to say.

My Little Drummer boys
Please visit Alison today 29th may to make her BEST NEW DAY EVER

28/5/08 8:53 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

How awful! My thoughts go out to all those involved.

29/5/08 1:19 AM  
Blogger hopeful #1 said...

That's just terrible. My heart goes out to the families involved. Thank you for your post.

(here from NLCM)

29/5/08 9:33 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

So sad...and so scary. As mom of a blind person who will be dependant on public transportation for life...really scary.

29/5/08 3:59 PM  

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