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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Erev Lost Finale

Admit it. You can't sleep. You're thinking about all the possibilities in parts 2 and 3 of the Lost Finale. You've already planned tomorrow evening. The kids are going to be asleep by 8 so you can watch part 1 again, you'll have your cocktails mixed and snacks on the coffee table before 9, and you'll already have had your first bathroom break of the evening before you sit down to watch part 2.

So let's talk about what we know so far, and what events we've seen in part 1 that will hopefully be resolved by part 3.

Sayid and Kate

Both going back into the jungle on their way to find Jack, Sayid and Kate run into Richard Alpert and a whole band of Others. They are led to destinations unknown by the gun-toting Others. Both of them survive and become part of the Oceanic 6. But HOW???

Locke, Ben and Hurley

The unlikely trio arrive at the Orchid Station only to find it surrounded by Keamy and his men. They need to get inside. Ben tells Locke exactly where to go once inside the station, then walks into the Lion's Den, straight towards Keamy and his men, with his hands up. Keamy pistol whips Ben, presumably knocking him out. Ben obviously survives since he is seen later on as Sayid's boss after the Oceanic 6 was rescued. And Hurley is part of the O6, so he is rescued and brought back to the beach? Or does the helicopter, which is near the Orchid Station, take him back? Does Keamy survive? What happens to Locke? I believe that Locke survives this siege, becomes the leader of the Others now that Ben has relinquished his position, and chooses to stay on the island. Do they move the island? Is it a physical move, or do they just move it in time? And if they move it in time, can't it be found later on?

Jack and Sawyer

Jack and Sawyer finally find the chopper, within which Lapidus is handcuffed. They release him and find out that Ben, Locke and Hurley are off to the Orchid Station. They have to rescue Hurley. Jack definitely survives because he's an O6. But what about Sawyer? Does he too choose to remain on the Island. Life on the Island has been good to him, plus he's probably wanted for murder in Australia. My guess is, he chooses to stay, but I don't know if he will ever meld with the Others.

Jin, Sun, Aaron and Daniel

Daniel takes to shuttling people to the freighter and back. In the first group is Jin and Sun. Kate, going with Sayid after Jack, gives Aaron to Sun to take care of. They arrive back at the freighter, only to be shocked by Michael's presence. Sun and Aaron are both part of the O6. We have been led to believe that Jin dies. But does he? There are a lot of theories out there that refute his death. Now Daniel, he's just a nerdy scientist and he really doesn't know much more than he's letting on, I think. Will he get off the island with the rest of the scientists? It's anyone's guess.

Michael and Desmond

They fix the engine, which means the freighter can get moving. However, they also find a room in the freighter lined with a ton of C4. Not good. Grim futures for both of them, I believe. Michael isn't going to be on forever. I think he will die in the explosion, if there indeed is one. We don't know if Keamy will die before he has a chance to blow up the freighter. And also, if Keamy does blow up the freighter, how is he planning to get off the Island? Who will take him to to a rescue site? Is he counting on the helicopter? Does he think Lapedius is going to help him out? I don't think Frank is going to die because he is the only one who knows how to fly a helicopter (although I have my suspicions that Sayid does as well). I think Keamy and his merry bunch of murderers are going to find some heavy fighting against the Others that Ben has brought to the Orchid especially to take on these guys.

As you can see, there is an incredible amount of stuff going on that needs to be resolved in tomorrow's two-hour finale. What am I missing? What are your guesses for tomorrow's big reveal?

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