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Thursday, May 08, 2008

LOST Discussion Friday: Cabin Fever

Move the Island? What the f? How do they move the island? Mind boggling. Absolutely completely mind boggling. And Claire? What was up with Claire?

OK, lets start with our usual recap of last week's episode, just as a reminder, and then move on to tonight's blockbuster.

Last week on LOST, the island mysteries were pushed to the background while Jack dealt with a burstappendix. In the flash-forward, we learned that Jack and Kate eventually got together, but the ghost of Jack's dad, coupled with Kate's late night phone calls having something to do with Sawyer, eventually drove Doctor Drunk into the comforting arms of booze and pills. Speaking of ghosts, Christian Shephard appeared on the island several times and apparently convinced Claire to follow him into the jungle, leaving baby Aaron on a leaf, where Sawyer found him the next morning. Where she went and why she left Aaron behind remains a mystery.

I love an episode that starts with an oldies song, and tonight's episode kicks off with "Everyday" by Buddy Holly. A girl named Emily dances around in her bedroom in her poodle skirt, tight sweater, and swinging ponytail. Her mother enters her room to interrogate Emily, but she's a girl with love on her mand and runs outside in the pouring rain to meet her boyfriend. Her mom screams at her to stop, which is something she should have listened to before she ran in front of a speeding car. At the hospital, Emily tells the doctors she's pregnant and gives birth to a boy. His name is John. That John. John Locke. He's very premature and is the youngest baby to survive in that hospital.

In the jungle, Hurley, Locke and Ben are looking for the cabin. Hurley wants to know what kind of weirdo builds a cabin in the jungle, and if anyone knew the answer to that question, it would probably solve a lot of mysteries. Locke asks Ben where they are headed and Ben admits that he has no idea where he's going. He's just following Hurley. I don't know who looked more surprised, Hurley or Locke.

On the freighter, Lapidus and Keamy land in the helicopter with their injured comrade, the crispy critter. The very much alive doctor immediately tends to the wounded man, while Keamy first blames the Captain for giving Ben information about him, and then figures out that Michael is responsible for giving Ben his personal info.

Keamy immediately goes and puts a beating on a chained up Michael for being the mole. He even tries to shoot him in the head, but his gun jams a couple of times thanks to the island's wacky mojo. He decides to beat the crap out of Michael instead, which is something the island still allows. Michael stands up to Keamy, and is injured, but left alive because the Captain tells Keamy that Michael is the only one that can fix the engine because he's the one that wrecked it. You can imagine how happy Keamy was to hear that.

Back in the jungle, Locke wakes up to the comforting sounds of the long dead Horace Goodspeed (from season 3's "The Man Behind the Curtain") chopping down a tree in the jungle. It looks like ghostly Horace is building the cabin as a getaway for him and his wife. He tells John that he's been dead for 12 years, which is the kind of information that barely elicits a shrug from Locke at this point. But then Horace chopped down the same tree several times, each time introducing himself and giving up a little more information. Locke realizes that we're in some weird time warp where things just repeat and repeat. Finally, Horace tells Locke that he needs to find him if he wants to find Jacob. Could Horace be Jacob, or did he just build the shack?

Locke wakes up in the jungle again, but this time he's waking from his prophetic dream. The man finally knows what his mission is. In the flashback, the nurse tells Emily that John is a miracle baby. He was born prematurely, yet has somehow managed to fight off a variety of infections and pneumonia. When it comes time for Emily to hold her baby for the first time, she runs out of the room in tears. Her mother immediately wants to talk about giving the baby up for adoption. Watching this scene from just outside the room is none other than Richard Alpert! And yes, he looks exactly the same age as he always does. His eyebrows are just as thick and creepy, too.

Hurley thinks that he and John can see the cabin because they're the craziest people on the island. Good theory. Locke takes Hugo and Ben to see the giant pit of dead DHARMA bodies. John explains that Ben killed them all, and now their mission is to go see them. Locke is looking for Horace's body.

It's time to meet the six-year-old version of John Locke, who likes to spend his days playing backgammon. "Dr." Alpert comes to his adopted family's home to visit with him. He tells John that he runs a school for special children, and that he thinks young Locke might be one of them.

Alpert spots a picture on the wall that young Locke has drawn. A picture of Smokie and a body. Alpert is rather non-plussed by this.

Alpert pulls a few items from his bag, including a knife, a comic book, a book, a bottle of some beady substance, a compass, and a baseball glove, and asks John to tell him which of the items already belongs to him. Little Locke carefully looks over all the items, picks up a few of them and puts them in front of him, and then picks the knife up off the table where it's sitting atop the comic book. Well, that's just slightly creepy, isn't it? Alpert says that John picked incorrectly, then takes his bag full of goodies and leaves in a huff. Locke's mother comes back in the room and blames Little Locke for screwing up. She's a real peach, that one.

Locke jumps into the DHARMA pit and starts digging through the skeletons, looking for good ol' Horace. When Hurley asks Ben why he killed so many people, Ben claims that it wasn't his decision. He says that the previous leader of the Others told him to do it. Hurley says, "But you're the leader" and Ben answers "Not always." John finds Goodspeed's body and pulls a map with cabin plans to Jacob's cabin out of his suit. Now he knows where they are going, and he tells Hurley that he doesn't have to go with them.

On the freighter, Keamy is ready to go back to the island for some more killing. Captain Gault tells him about the sickness that has taken over the boat, because he's worried that Keamy may be suffering from the same illness. After stealing a key from around the Captain's neck, Keamy goes into an office and finds documents of Widmore's that show exactly where Ben is going. Keamy also plans to torch the entire island.

Gault tells Sayid and Desmond that they should hide before Keamy goes crazy. But they don't want to hide, they want to rescue their friends. Before doing that, they want a boat so they can go rescue people on the island. Gault, who might be a good guy after all, agrees to help them out.

John tries to send Hugo back to the beach, thinking that he doesn't need him now that he has the map. Hurley decides to stay, mainly because walking through the jungle at night never ends well. A funny moment happens when Ben compliments Locke on his manipulation of Hurley. Locke wasn't pleased though, and said "I'm not you." to which Ben heartily agrees.

Then we get another flashback that introduces us to the teenage version of Locke, who is the type of high school nerd that gets shoved into lockers. And sure enough, he's in a locker after being beaten up.

He's rescued by a teacher, who takes him back to his office and then tells John that Mittelos Bioscience, headed up by Richard Alpert, wants him to go to a special science camp in Portland. John, thinking he's already nerdy enough as it is, declines the offer. The teacher trys to explain to Locke the teen that he might now want to be a scientist, but that's ultimately what he is.

Back on the freighter, Lapidus comes into Michael's room and demands to know why he didn't fill him in on his connection to 815. Michael explains the obvious reasons why, then tells Frank that he can't fly Keamy back to the island.

As they leave Michael's room, they see Keamy strapping what looks to be a bomb under his arm. That guy is absolutely bonkers.

Meanwhile, Captain Gault gives Sayid and Desmond their tiny Zodiac dingy and tells them to stick to the correct bearing. Desmond refuses to go, saying that he's been on the island for three years and he's never setting a foot back on that island, especially when Penny is so close to finding him, so Sayid takes off alone.

On the island, Ben really isn't feeling like himself since Alex died. He used to feel special, but then he got a tumor on his spine and Alex's blood on his hands. He tells Locke that it's his time now to lead, because the island healed Locke and made him sick. Isn't that pretty much what Rose said a couple of weeks ago? Anyhow, he said that destiny is a bitch. The good news, if you can call it that, is that Hurley has found Jacob's cabin. The cabin looks totally different, now covered over with huge vines, filled with cracks and holes in the roof and is dark inside.

Flashback time! While Locke is in physical therapy after his delightful father pushed him off the 8th floor terrace, the very creepy Matthew Abaddon comes to transport him. Abbadon is an orderly in this hospital, or he's playing one for the sake of the storyline. Who knows. Abaddon asks him if he believes in miracles, and then suggests that he go on a walkabout in the Australian outback. He tells John that he once went on a walkabout thinking he was one thing, then came back another. It turns out Locke was smart to listen to his advice. Or, maybe not. Locke is walking again, but he's stuck on the island.

The freighter folk ask the doctor why they received a morse code message saying that he washed up with on the beach with his throat slit. He has no idea what they're talking about, saying he's perfectly healthy Lapidus refuses to fly Keamy back to the island. Keamy tells Lapidus he'll kill him, but Lapidus reminds him that he's the only one that knows how to fly the helicopter. A minute later, Keamy slits the doctor's throat and throws him overboard as a way to threaten Lapidus. It works. After that nasty little move, Captain Gault appears with a gun and tells Keamy that he's not going anywhere. Keamy, who has that bomb strapped to his arm, shoots Gault dead. Damn, I was just starting to like him! Now Lapidus agrees to fly Keamy wherever he wants to go. Just as he's getting the copter ready to take off, he hides a SAT phone in a little sack.

Back on the beach, it's dark at night, Jack is out of the sick tent eating, when the helicopter is finally arriving. As it flies overhead, a backpack containing a working SAT phone comes tumbling out. Jack plans to follow the signal and track the chopper down.

Outside of Jacob's cabin, Ben passes the torch of island destiny to John. The island made Ben sick and made Locke well, so obviously it's his BFF now. Locke makes the journey into the cabin alone and sees someone sitting in a chair. It's Christian Shephard, who says that he's not Jacob, but he can speak on his behalf. Locke sits down for the tea and scones and asks if the doctor knows why he's there.

Locke thinks he's there because he was chosen to be, which Christian confirms is correct. Christian tells Locke to stop with all the questions and to only ask the one question he really wants to know the answer to. So Locke asks how to save the island. Not just the people, the island. Interesting, no?

In case things couldn't get any weirder, Locke sees Claire hanging out in the cabin. She says that she's perfectly fine and having a grand old time. Locke is shocked by this, but the one thing he really wants to know is how he can save the island. A small smile creeps up on Claire's face, which totally freaks me out. That's not Claire! Or if it is, she's possibly dead or insane. We don't hear Christian's answer to the big question though.

When Locke walks out of the cabin, Ben asks what Jacob wants him to do. Locke's response? Jacob wants them to move the island. Oh, is that all? Here I thought it'd be something difficult.

I know I feel this way on many Thursday nights, but that had to be one of the best episodes of Lost ever. Did you feel the same way?

  • So let's talk about moving the island. Like, any theories out there? Can you just close your eyes and voila, it's moved?
  • What about the mini island? Why doesn't Locke and Ben take the people over to that island. Nobody seems to know that one exists, either.
  • What is the deal with Claire? Is she dead, too? Why isn't she even slightly worried about Aaron?
  • Is part of Locke's destiny to kill Keamy?

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Blogger Cassie said...

Really, I can't even begin to theorize on how they are going to move the island. It will probably be something so bizarre that I'll never be able to figure it out!

9/5/08 6:19 AM  
Blogger Stella and Thomas said...

I forgot that young John Locke had the picture of Smokie!!!

I am not sure what that means either...move the island?

I think Claire is dead. I think she died in the explosion when angry military man blew up her house. I think Christian is dead too and Jacob can occupy dead peoples bodies.

9/5/08 7:39 AM  
OpenID elabeth said...

Last week it got me when DrunkJack was ranting about neither one of them being related by blood to Aaron. Do you think he'll ever figure out that he and Claire have the same father and he's baby Aaron's uncle?
I also think Claire died in the house explosion and maybe she only just noticed she's dead. Maybe her Dad came and told her about her recent deadness and she's in shock about it so she's weird.
I can't wait to find out what this moving the island thing is all about. I'm betting it has more to do with the giant electromagnetic field cloaking the island and moving the safe travel coordinates than it has to do with physically moving the place.

9/5/08 8:28 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

I'm not quite convinced that Claire is dead yet. I think she probably is, because she's hanging out with Christian, and he's deader than a doornail, so it's a good bet she is too. Especially now that we know that the Island dead can come back and chat like they're still alive.

Moving the Island? It's going to be some weird scientific explanation that sounds plausable. But really... moving an Island? I just don't know! I can't wait to find out, though.

9/5/08 2:32 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Oh My Friend, your recaps are the. best. ever! I am too close to having the baby to keep up with my really. really. bad. recaps! ;)
Thanks for al;l the hard work. I stumbled it, too!

10/5/08 5:45 PM  

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