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Thursday, May 01, 2008

LOST Discussion Friday: Something Nice Back Home

Recap: Last week on LOST, Ben went on a teleporting global adventure that ended with a riveting confrontation with his arch nemesis, Charles Widmore. Ben let Charles know that he plans to kill Charles' daughter Penny to get revenge for Ben's adopted daughter Alex's murder by Charles's freighter pals, because Charles "changed the rules". We also learned that Ben has the ability to unleash the smoke monster from a secret chamber inside his house, though it's unclear how much control he has over it. On the beach, Jack came down with a case of stomach pain after figuring out that the freighter folk aren't on a rescue mission.

Tonight, Jack's illness gets much worse, and the crew, led by Sawyer runs into some trouble in the jungle. The episode begins with Bernard arguing with Daniel Faraday. The physicist claims that they can't contact the freighter, but Rose and Bernard think he's full of it. As they all argue back and forth, Jack interrupts and tries to calm everyone down, but he soon collapses due to that bad case of gastroenteritis he's been dealing with. He thinks it is food poisoning. He's wrong.

Flash-forward time! Jack is looking hot in a revealing towel scene as he pops out of bed, heads into the shower, and opens the door to reveal a soaking wet Kate. We learn that Jack is living with Kate at her house and he's decided he can deal with Aaron after all. But all isn't well in paradise, and although they love each other, they're still dealing with the aftermath of the island.

Jack goes to work, and upon his return he reads Aaron a bedtime story, the same story his father read to him. Kate notes that this is the first time she's ever heard him speak nicely about his father.

Kate also tells him that she's glad he changed his mind and decided to stay there as she hops up on his hips and he carries her off to the bedroom. All of this domestic bliss makes me wonder what happened between them after Kate's trial. That's got to be another flash forward.

Back on the island, Miles hears ghostly whispers from Danielle and Karl as he walks through the jungle with Sawyer and Claire. They're returning from the barracks to the beach. Miles does some digging in the very spot where he hears voices, and finds the bodies of Danielle and Karl. Proof that Danielle is really really dead. Bummer. I can't believe Danielle is actually dead! I was hoping that we would get to see more of my favorite CFL. But no....

At the beach, Jack is trying his best to play the hero and pretend that his crippling pains are no big deal. But his shirt is soaked with sweat, he's staggering around, and he's looking really bad. He isn't convincing anyone. He tells Juliet that it's food poisoning, but she does some feeling around and figures out that it's actually appendicitis. She decides that she has to operate and take out his hot appendix before it bursts, because if it bursts, he'll die. There's nothing like a little on-island surgery to get her blood pumping. Jack suggests that Kate help with the surgery, and he refuses to be knocked out, saying he wants Kate to hold a mirror so he can watch Juliet operate on him. Control issues much, Jack?

Juliet wants to send a team to the medical station to pick up surgical supplies. Daniel volunteers to team up with Sun and Jin to go to the medical station, but they think he could be dangerous. Nobody trusts him or "Red", so Juliet assigns Jin and Sun to accompany Daniel, the only person who knows what the surgical instruments are on Juliet's list. Juliet makes sure to hand Jin a big gun before sending them for supplies. Daniel and Charlotte see the gun, and Daniel tells Charlotte that her nasty attitude isn't helping them to gain the trust of the Losties.

Juliet asks Rose and Bernard to prepare a flat surface for an operating table. While they are soaping up a table, Rose asks a really important question, one I was wondering myself: Why did Jack get sick? Bernard says that people sometimes just get sick, but Rose isn't convinced. She tells Bernard that on the Island, people only get better. She knows that people are supposed to get better on the island, and it can't be a coincidence that he fell ill one day before rescue is supposed to arrive. Could the island be trying to keep Jack in its grasp? The thing is, some people do get sick on the Island. Ben got cancer, the pregnant women all get sick and die, Danielle claimed that her crew all got sick and died, so what's really the deal? Does everyone get better, but those that aren't sick can still get sick? Enquiring minds want to know what you think.

Back in the future, Jack is clean-shaven, has a smooth chest, is well dressed and not behaving badly. But, he keeps seeing his dad in random places like the hospital. While he's at work, Jack gets a call to go meet Hurley in the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital. Now this confused me. Jack and Kate live in LA. Santa Rosa is well north of San Francisco. Did they just pluck the name out of the air, because that's a very long drive to just drop in to visit Hurley.

Anyhow, Jack gets to the hospital and Hurley's shrink tells Jack that Hurley isn't improving at all in therapy because Hurley is convinced that the shrink isn't real.

Poor Hurley is off his meds and terribly confused. Hurley is positive that the Oceanic 6 are all dead and never got off the island. He thinks that everyone around him is dead, just like Charlie. Jack tells him that's a ridiculous idea, and also reveals that he changed his mind about not seeing Aaron since Kate's trial wrapped up. Hurley seems confused by this piece of information. Just as Jack is about to leave, reminding Hurley once again to take his meds, Hurley tells Jack that he visits often with Charlie on the bench outside. He says that Charlie left a message for Jack, and that he wrote it down so he'll get it right. The message says, "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack." Charlie also tells Hurley to let Jack know that someone will be visiting him in the near future. Someone from beyond the grave, perhaps? Jack's dad again?

Back at the medical station, Daniel and Charlotte are looking through the medical supplies while Sun reminisces about the ultrasound she had in the station, and Jin promises she'll have her baby off the island. Charlotte looks interested in their conversation, which was all held in Korean. Jin looks even more suspicious of her.

Aha, we finally return to Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, and naughty Miles still clomping through the jungle. Sawyer doesn't like the way Miles is looking at Claire and tells him to put his eyes back into his head, and that he has a restraining order and is not allowed to go within 20 feet of Claire. Miles wonders just what is the deal, but Sawyer has the gun, so he agrees to stay away from Claire. As they're walking, they hear a noise in the jungle, and out runs our favorite helicopter pilot, Lapidus. The first thing Frank does is warn them to hide since Keamy and his men are on their way. Lapidus has one of the GPS trackers and he can see where Keamy is, which looks way too damn close for comfort. Sawyer, Claire holding Aaron, and Miles hide in the jungle as Keamy and 3 or his men crash through to find Lapidus. Apparently Smokey didn't do a very good job, because the freighter folk are still alive, although one of the 3 is severely wounded and unable to walk on his own. Maybe ol' Smokey lost some of his mojo after being cooped up in Ben's Egyptian chamber for too long. Anyhow, Lapidus covers for our Losties and gets Keamy to head to the helicopter where he apparently is going to fly the wounded guys home to the freighter. The Losties are safe, even after Aaron does a little cry which gets Keamy suspicious.

Let's go back to the future again. Jack comes home from work after seeing his father everywhere, and finds Kate on the phone chatting about him. He asks who she was talking to and she says "Noreen" and that Noreen is one of the moms from the park. Jack is slightly suspicious but asks Kate for reassurance that he's actually good at being a father. After she tells him he is, he whips out a big ring and proposes. The fans that call themselves "Skaters" burst into tears as Kate says yes. But don't get your hopes up yet. This couple is doomed. Doomed, I say.

Back at the beach, Jin confronts Charlotte by speaking in Korean to her. Charlotte pretends like she doesn't understand Korean, but Jin knows that she's lying. He tells her that when the helicopter comes she's going to make sure Sun gets off the island, otherwise he'll break Daniel's fingers one at a time. Jin is awesome. Charlotte sees that he isn't kidding, and starts speaking in fluent Korean. Go Figure! She agrees that she will get pregnant Sun off the Island, which is relief. Note that Jin didn't ask for himself to be rescued. He's such a great guy.

It's time for Juliet, Kate, and Bernard to attempt an appendectomy. At first Bernard gives Jack a couple of injections of lidocaine, which is not going to kill the pain, as it's a topical anesthesia and won't help with the pain of the incision. Jack wants to stay awake to assist with the surgery, but Juliet drugs him against his will with chloroform once she cuts through various layers of skin and he can't stay still.

In another flash-forward, Jack is dictating notes on a spinal tumor when he hears a beep beep beep sound. It's the smoke detector in the hallway, which improbably has a battery and isn't hard wired into the hospital electrical system. That's pretty damn lame, writers. As he removes the battery, Jack receives a very special visit from daddy dearest, Christian Shephard.

He walks toward his father, but one of his colleagues interrupts and the apparition disappears. Is it a coincidence that the smoke detector was beeping while Jack's dad was in the room? Jack, who is understandably freaked out by seeing dead people, asks his doctor friend for a prescription for a sleep medication. He's also worried about Kate's mysterious phone calls to Noreen in the middle of the night.

Believe it or not, the surgery was a success and Jack didn't die from an exploding appendix. As Juliet is sewing him up with the worst stitches I've ever seen, Juliet lets Kate know that they kissed outside of The Tempest station. Juliet thinks the kiss was Jack's attempt to prove that he's not in love with Kate, but deep down she knows he is. Kate looks quietly thrilled to hear this, and thanks Juliet for telling her. It's an awwwwww moment.

In the final flash-forward, we're starting to see signs of the Jack we met in "Through the Looking Glass." He's scruffy and is downing booze like Prohibition is about to make a comeback. There are bottles everywhere. When he gets home early from work, Kate wasn't there and the nanny was, two full hours after she was supposed to be off work. When he asks Kate where she was, Kate says she was running errands. Jack doesn't believe her one bit. After he confronts her, she says that she was doing something for Sawyer, but won't tell him what that was. Jack is miserable. It sounds like Sawyer is still alive, but Jack says that he chose to stay on the island. Kate doesn't say exactly what she was doing for him, nor does she mention who she was talking to on the phone. Maybe they finally got cell reception on the island. Let the pill popping begin!

Back in the jungle, Claire wakes up to find Aaron gone. She gets up and sees none other than Christian cradling Aaron.

She calls out "Dad"? Oh yeah, in case we forgot that Christian is her father as well. That Christian, he really gets around for a dead guy, doesn't he?

Later, when Sawyer wakes up and finds both Claire and Aaron gone, Sawyer finds out from Miles that Claire wandered off into the jungle with her dad in the dead of night. Sawyer asks Miles why he didn't do anything and Miles reminds him really sarcastically that he has a restraining order. Funny. Sawyer runs to the jungle from the clearing where they were sleeping, and screams out for Claire. He doesn't see or hear her, but Sawyer hears Aaron crying and finds him nearby, left on a big leaf by a tree. Claire has completely disappeared. And we're out.

Next week, it looks like we'll check in on Locke's journey to Jacob's cabin, and maybe we'll learn why Christian is all over the place. Is he Jacob?

What did you think of this episode? Not too many questions were answered this week, and although I'm not a Jack hater, I'm not his biggest fan either, so a full on backstory (ok, forward story) revolving around Jack isn't ever going to thrill me. I'm sad that Danielle really is dead, because I was looking forward to a back story that explained more about how she lost Alex, where she came from, etc. Doubtful that it's going to happen now.

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Blogger Amy said...

I thought this was a "blah" episode. I guess I find the whole Jack/Kate/Juliet thing a bit boring. I don't really understand the point of Jack having appendicitis. It seemed random. I DID enjoy the whole Jin/Sun storyline. And why did Lapidus help the Losties? And where the heck is Claire?!!!

2/5/08 9:55 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Oh...one more thing...do you think that in the future Jack KNOWS that Aaron is his nephew? It seems like that's the point they were trying to make when Jack tells Kate, "You aren't even related to him!"

2/5/08 9:55 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Amy, yes, I think that in the future, Jack's relationship to Claire is going to come out. I am not sure how it's gonna happen, but my guess is the ghost of Christian Shepard is very involved. After all, he is the bridge between Jack and Claire, as weird as that seems!

2/5/08 11:16 AM  
OpenID runningamuck said...

I liked Danielle too. I was so sad that she was really dead and not going to make a big comeback that would involve killing Keamey. THAT would have been great. =0)

2/5/08 11:43 AM  
Blogger oh amanda said...

I'm a 'skater' then. I don't like Jack/Kate and was so glad to see she was doing something for Sawyer...but it still makes me not like Kate...whatever. I'm just not a Jack fan.

3/5/08 2:01 PM  
Blogger Liv said...

I don't know if you are still checking comments on this post, but I don't think that when Jack wakes up in Kate's bed that he has an appendectomy scar. Maybe Hurley isn't that far off.

7/5/08 3:07 PM  

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