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Friday, May 02, 2008

Make it stop, please!

A couple of months ago I bought the Boy a nice shirt and a pair of pants. You know, for special occasions, holidays, things like that. Well, they no longer fit. Then, when I was in DC at the beginning of the month I bought him a couple of pairs of shorts. They are getting a bit snug, too. In less than a month. So I decided that while he's growing like this, we're only buying pants at Savers, our local thrift emporium. Ahem.

Today I took him to Savers to find a couple of pairs of decent khaki pants for summer. We're going away next weekend and he needs a decent outfit for a nice Mother's Day dinner. We picked out a couple of pairs of pants and I insisted he try them on. He wasn't happy about it, but I was absolutely sure that he had to try them on just in case they didn't fit.

Guess what? They didn't fit.

Back to the racks we picked out another couple of pairs of khakis, one in a greenish color, and the other in regular light khaki. They both fit OK, but I don't think they're going to make it through the summer. OMG, I had no clue that he was going to grow like this. I know they call it a growth spurt, but this is more like a growth explosion. He's grown about 5 inches and 3 waistband inches since school started. He's getting huge. He towers over me.

The scary thing? This is only the beginning. He has at least another 6 inches of height to add. When I had his bones measured last fall, the doctor said he would be 6'4"... at least.

I am mothering a giant.

He's a good kid most of the time, but all that food he shovels in must be adding to this growth pattern. I guess I could starve him. Or just go with the flow and watch him get bigger and bigger and bigger.

The prospect is really scary!

But in the good news department, he found a lined designer trench coat in great condition for $7.99. My price range. So he'll have a decent coat, with a zip in lining, to wear on more formal occasions. I really don't get the teenager's love for trench coat, but it's better than begging for Grand Theft Auto 4, I guess. And cheaper!

I just have to find a decent strapless bra, a pair of shoes I can stand on my feet, and I'm all set for summer. The Girl only needs flip flops and shorts. We're really doing well.

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Blogger Daisy said...

I love our local Savers store! Half my summer wardrobe comes from their stock.

4/5/08 8:14 AM  

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