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Monday, May 19, 2008

My new discovery

Today we went to more open studios in town, again marveling at all the gorgeous kitchens people have around here, and sighing with desire over so much of the art. The very last stop on our tour is our very favorite house. Actually, we've never even been in the house, which is massive. They host their open studio in their large barn. In the main barn were photographers, paintings in acrylic and the more gorgeous oils, and some interesting pen and ink drawings. The oil painter shows there every year and she gets better and better. She does still life paintings with fruit and containers. Today my favorite was a grouping of pomegranites in a silver bowl with a cutwork linen table cloth underneath. It was do gorgeous, so sumptious that you really couldn't tell if it was a Dutch painting from the 1500's or modern. She's that good.

But what I want to introduce you to was in the tiny tack room off to the side. Lisa Monahan is new to the open studios and she has the most brilliant metalwork you've ever seen. She makes jewelry. Really unusual and imaginative jewelry. Like nothing you've ever seen before jewelery. She has two different directions that she works in. The first is more sculptural, with amazing copper bases culled from the costume jewelery factories. She makes window curtains, room dividers, and "paintings" in acrylic frames of jewelry forms put together. They're so unique and really cool. I wish I had a place to put a curtain, but alas, I don't.

The second, and even more unusual offering is called the SwitchGearKit. This is an amazing idea. You get a couple of pairs of ear wires in sterling silver, and then a bunch of add on pieces that allow you to create your own earring designs. You can even add on to the kit's offerings with various hoops and shapes that Lisa creates just for the kit.

The kit comes with a whole bunch of colored hoops, silver chains and hoops, and black iodized silver hoops. The various pieces come together to form so many different kinds of looks, from a very classic silver chain hanging from silver wires to a really out there bunch of colored hoops that would attract a lot of attention.

I like a lot of the more classic looks, which would be fabulous with all kinds of outfits for both day and night.

All these looks from one kit. How can you go wrong? Isn't this the most brilliant idea ever? Once again, I could kick myself for not thinking of it first. Damn, innovative people make me so jealous.

Note, I have no relationship with Lisa Monahan, SwitchGearKits or anything else that could possibly make millions. Unfortunately!

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Blogger Jo said...

know Lisa well, I taught her sons and I catered a birthday party for her husband. She really does do very interesting work and she is really a very nice lady as well!

1/6/08 4:10 PM  

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