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Monday, May 26, 2008

Rock Lobster

I have known red noses. I have had red noses. But to say that Rudolph might recognize me as his sister would be an understatement. Another day in the sun, and now the schnooz is just glowing. It's almost like a tail light signalling that I'm making a turn or something. My forehead is also glowing. The skin there is so itchy.

But... oh did we have a glorious day today. Not a cloud in the sky at the beach. Of course the water was the temperature of slightly melting ice cubes and nobody in their right mind would even consider putting a toe into the drink, but otherwise, total perfection. Not too crowded. Not a boom box in site. Or a TV. I don't get people that take TVs to the beach, but they do. Not one screaming toddler. Everyone was blissed out and having the time of their lives.

We hit the crafts fair first, but not much interested me. The Girl brought a friend that I'm not particularly thrilled with. They both looked at a lot of jewelry, and found some rings and charms that they both liked. They were inexpensive, as in less than $10 for sterling silver, so both girls got rings. Other than the jewelry there really wasn't anything that excited me but the girls both loved all the hand made purses. Admittedly they were adorable, but just not me.

After looking at everything we sat down to listen to some cover band sing for a bit, and then I sent the girls to Starbucks to get me an iced coffee (milk no sugar). They came back and I took a sip and it was Chai. Now, I like chai, but if you're expecting iced coffee and you get chai... it is disappointing. I'm guessing the person that ordered the chai and got my iced coffee felt the same way!

Now it was time to head down to the beach. As crowded with tourists as Newburyport was, the road to the beach was not packed at all. Since it's a two lane road, it can be totally clogged, but today it free and clear. A very good omen. Then I got a parking space in the first parking lot right in the handicap space. An INCREDIBLE omen. This never happens. And even more auspicious? There was a perfect place to set down our towels, not too close to the water, which was at very high tide, and not too far either. I plopped myself down with a book while the girls ran down to the water, believing they would be able to go in. I think not!

They walked and talked and tried to climb on the jetty but were chased off by the lifeguards. The tide was way too high and the beach has a lot of riptides. But that didn't stop them from trying on the other jetty. OY!

We left when the wind got stronger and the sand started swirling. A nice pleasant ride home, and the Boy is making dinner tonight. I plan to put about 10 layers of lotion on me, hoping that I don't peel. Yeah, right!

How was your Memorial Day?

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Blogger Fox In Detox said...

This sounds like a perfect day! I spent my memorial day walking in the shade of the Forest Hills Cemetery, which is an extraordinarily beautiful place!

27/5/08 8:39 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Oh, Forest Hills IS beautiful. I was there for the first time this fall when Warren Payne (one of the two firefighters that died in the W.Rox fire) was buried there. Although it was a horribly sad occasion, I was astounded at how beautiful and peaceful his resting place would be, near the pond in the Firefighters space.

27/5/08 12:18 PM  

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