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Monday, May 05, 2008

Sometimes you just know

Today in my cardio rehab class we had a class visitor. We often have visitors, mostly medical residents from the various hospitals who are coming to see what the other side of cardio rehab is all about. For the most part, they sit in the back of the room and watch all of us rehabbers exercise, do yoga and mediation, and then take our nutrition class.

Today was different. This resident from BID hospital come in, sat right down with us, and started to talk to us. She was so delightful, interested, insightful, and very calm. I hopped off the ellipitical and went to get a drink of water and she stopped me and we chatted for a few minutes. I thought then, she's going to make a great doctor. She listened, she wasn't hesitant at all to converse and express an opinion, and she was curious. She wanted to know about me, why I was there, how I'm doing, what part of the program I liked, what I hated, and what seemed to be working best for me. It was a nice conversation that just reinforced my initial thought that she was going to be a good doctor.

When it came time to change rooms and do the yoga/meditation portion of the program, she ended up on the mat next to me, and fully participated in both the yoga and the meditation despite wearing a skirt. She really had a great time and you could see she was drinking it all in, watching the other patients and seeing what they can and couldn't do. No judgements, she was just an observer. After we do the meditation portion of the program we have what is called 'relaxation' time, or guided imagery, or, if you're me and sarcastic, nap time. Now I love me some nap time. It gives me some time to just shut down and I almost always end up thinking up some obscure blog post that I never remember to do. But boy, does it calm me right down.

So the young Doctor is laying next to me, and all of a sudden I hear this little tiny snore. Not a big raunchy snore, just a baby-type snore. And another one. And another one. I quietly turn my head and she's laying on the ground hugging herself fast asleep. I mean it, it was SO cute. She had a little blanket pulled up over her skirt, and her arms were crossed over her chest, hands on her shoulders, fast asleep. Just adorable.

The 'leader' rings those damn Tibetan bells once, twice, thrice, and we all start to stir. But not the young Doctor. She's out like a light. So I bend over and pat her arm and she wakes up and sort of stretches and says, "wow, this is just like Kindergarten."

That's when I knew, I just knew that she was going to be the best doctor ever. So I asked her what her specialty was going to be.



I don't qualify yet. Some day. But not yet.

She liked snack time too, btw.

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Blogger The Hotfessional said...

Awww. I want her to be my doctor. I turn 45 tomorrow, do I qualify? I feel like I qualify!

5/5/08 6:28 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

If I don't qualify at 55, you certainly don't at 45. But happy birthday!

5/5/08 9:52 PM  

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