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Saturday, May 03, 2008


I had a long dream last night about coloring my eyebrows. Not my hair, my eyebrows.

Did I mention that the Boy didn't make it to one single session of his SAT prep class? A class I paid for?

The Girl and I hit Marshalls today looking for some shorts that fit me (got 3 pair) and shoes. I didn't find any shoes. I NEVER find shoes. I hate my feet.

But I did find a very cool paper towel holder that was marked down to almost nothing. We needed one.

I paid $36 to completely fill my gas tank. It almost killed me to spend that much money on gas.

The Boy has a bunch of friends over. They're watching the Kentucky Derby on TV and they are providing their own color commentary. It's pretty funny. They're all rooting for "Big Truck" on the name alone.

When I was in DC the Boy had a party. I found out about it yesterday. I was not happy. Not happy at all. But, he cleaned up the entire house, and nobody got arrested, so there is that. He was SO shocked that I found out. Heh. I always find out eventually. I was actually madder at my neighbor, who I told to look out for a party, but didn't see a damn thing. Or if he did, he didn't say anything.

My sinuses are so blocked up my teeth hurt.

It's been cold and rainy for days. It is May, right? We haven't had a decent weekend to turn over the garden, and we should be planting now. Yet another wonderful New England growing season gone amok.

My lavender and sage both came back nice and strong, as did the chives, the mint (it's impossible to kill that mint) and the elephant garlic. Rosemary kicked the bucket again this year. I want it to winter over, but it just isn't robust enough.

I'm going to make a pot of soup tonight. It's soup weather. In May. Sigh.

Running out of thoughts.

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Blogger KLee said...

Glad you found some shorts, but I can totally empathize on the hating of your own feet. I hate mine, too. I found two really cute pairs of canvas slip-on shoes while in Myrtle Beach, and of course they hurt my feet like the devil. Damnation!

Don't feel bad about your kooky dream, though. I had this dream last night where the director of the musical that I'm in gave me a solo song and the role of the queen. There *is* no queen in this show. It's a sort-of farce set in a girl's boarding school. Guess even in my sleep, I was trying to angle for a better part!

Sorry to hear that the Boy violated the no-party rule, but if he did, in fact, clean up the house, then you have PROOF that he is actually capable of cleaning, and you can use that information to your advantage at some point. :) See, you just gotta think deviously like they do!

4/5/08 10:38 AM  
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