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Monday, May 19, 2008

Variety is the spice of life?

I've been having one of those days where nothing really fits together. Plenty of stuff happening, but it's all unrelated to each other. You know what that means to a blogger? It's time for bullets!

House. Season finale. Holy cow. Didn't expect that at all.

New home health aide is miracle worker. My house hasn't been so clean since... well since forever. Both kids came home from school and said "Why is the house so clean?" Not that it stopped them from making a mess in record time, but....

I can easily live on MultiGrain Cherrios. Which is kinda sad, if you think about it. But yum!

Allergies bad. Pollen is everywhere. However, so pretty outside. Everything is blooming at the same time. Yesterday we saw a neon pink azalea. It was so bright I had to pull over to gawk. Scary!

MCMM is up for Best of Blogs award. None of the writers knew that until last night when I discovered it. I am partly brain dead, apparently. Please go vote for us.

Boy came home from school tired and decided to take a nap. It's 10:35 pm and he's still napping. I guess he was really tired.

Even though reviews for Sex and the City haven't been rave, I still want to see it.
I do not want to see the new Hulk movie. But I love Edward Norton. My heart is torn.

Summer TV looks especially dismal except for The Mole. But I bet Anderson Cooper isn't going to be on this version, eh.

When do you think people will stop buying Hummers and start buying hybrids?
Going to see The English Beat this weekend at free concert on the Esplanade. My favorite band in concert. Ever.

I hate playing phone tag with friends. It's so annoying.
Worthless Pet is inconsolable now that the weather has turned cool again. He likes it very hot.

My hall closet is so overrun with crap I need a backhoe to dig it out.
I am going to bake corn muffins now for tomorrow's breakfast!

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Blogger Rhiannon said...

-I am VERY excited for SATC and will still see it. The theater near my house is already selling tickets and I'm considering picking up a pair for my Mama and I (yes, 29 and I still call her that).

-SO excited for The Mole as well.

-It has been over 90 here in Portland the past few days and my cat has stopped eating. Maybe we should trade cats for a bit? She prefers the cold. Must call vet tomorrow to ask about her appetite.

20/5/08 12:00 AM  
Blogger Suldog said...

I have been a "House" fan since the beginning, so naturally I was locked-in for the finale of the two-parter. Then I'm watching the Sox game and Lester is throwing a no-hitter.


I watched "House", but flipped back during commercials. When it got to the 9th inning, I stayed with the game, missing probably two minutes of "House". And it was a GREAT episode, too.

Life would be so much easier if I hated baseball.

22/5/08 7:21 AM  

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