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Friday, May 23, 2008

What's in my car?

Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer is hosting yet another embarassing true confessions contest. This time she's asking what items are in my car at this exact moment. Thankfully, this won't be that humiliating as my car is too damn tiny to fit much in it.

This is the list of items:

2 empty water bottles waiting to get tossed into recycling
1 empty mountain dew bottle waiting to get tossed into recycling
1 packet of saltines half eaten by ???
1 large umbrella with Manet painting on it.
2 remote controls for car stereo
2 ice scrapers
1 flashlight
1 toolkit
1 sun screen thingy for windshield
1 handicap parking placard on velcro
1 large carton containing many pairs of adorable shoes for the Girl that she's too lazy to carry inside
1 half read Newsweek magazine
1 map of Connecticut (not all that helpful around here)
1 bag of two sweaters for the Girl that she is too lazy to bring in the house
1 first aid kit
1 package Orbit gum
2 packets of Kleenix
1 tin of licorice Altoids

That's it. See, not too horrible except for the Girl's crap, which remains in the car until I am too annoyed and will toss it out onto the driveway. Any day now.

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Blogger Daisy said...

Mine would have been more interesting yesterday, or even two days ago. I had empty suitcases in the back along with an empty cooler -- all tools for moving a college kid home for the summer. Now, it's just dirty, with an old blanket wadded up in the corner and somewhere, somehow, my good sunglasses lost in its vast emptiness. Sniff. Sigh.

23/5/08 7:38 PM  

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