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Friday, June 20, 2008

Allergies are driving us all nuts

I don't think anyone in the USA can not complain about this year's allergy season. Or better yet, the allergy season that sucked my brain right out of my left ear. Here in New England it was bad. Really really bad. So bad that some people I know were looking for Sinus Tylenol in the gallon sized jug.

My eyes were so red that even my kids noticed and they don't notice anything about me unless it involves food. That they notice.

I was the queen of the itchy drippy nose, the sniffles from hell, and worst of all... itchy ears. I hate hate hate when my ears get itchy. I can't even concentrate when that happens, it's just such a bummer for me.

The Boy gets terrible headaches, the Girl ends up with weeping eyes and so stuffed up she can't smell it when her frigging cat pees outside the box.

Saddest of all? Even the cat had allergy problems this year, which led to cat asthma. OMG, when your cat, along with you and the kids all have asthma and allergies, you gotta do something drastic. Moving to another part of the country isn't the answer either. I've tried it several times. The pine pollen in North Carolina almost did me in. All the tree pollen in NoCal was so bad that I was on bedrest with the windows tightly shut for weeks.

Nope, moving isn't the answer. But you know what MIGHT BE? If I play my cards right? Well, I'll tell you.

Last week I was invited to a meeting at Mom Central, which is conveniently located across town. One of the items they talked about was an American Standard AccuClean built in heating and air conditioning system. One that filters the air in your home to remove all the allergens. At least 98% of the allergens. In addition, the Accuclean removes over 99% of the common flu, or influenza A virus from the filtered air in your home.

Now, I don't know about you, but I was almost panting when I heard about the AccuClean. First of all, a built in air conditioner.... what can I say? Quiet reliable clean cold air. Heaven in a box. And the fact that it will filter out the pollen from my garden, the lawn, and the bazillion freaking trees we have on the property. Total heaven in a box. Plus, with a new heating system that doesn't require old clunky radiators, we would gain actual space in our teeny tiny house. Oh yes, this sounds better and better. Although we have gas heat, it isn't particularly clean, especially with radiators that probably have about 20 coats of led paint on them.

Since my biggest triggers are mold and mildew, I can't even go into our basement. But with an AccuClean, I could. I could actually go down and see what the heck those damn kids have done with all the dishtowels they claim aren't down there waiting to be washed. I guess they don't believe in clean dish towels.

So why am I, a poor as a church-mouse mom of twins, so psyched about this AccuClean system. Oh come on, you knew this was coming. There's a contest! Oh yes there is. If you live in the greater Boston area, you can enter this contest. The winner will get one shiny brand new AccuClean system installed in their very own abode.

You can betcha I entered toot sweet. But if you live around these here parts, and are an allergy sufferer and think having an AccuClean system installed is the greatest thing since sliced bread, enter here.

But if you don't want one, that's OK. I do. And I want to win!

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