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Friday, June 13, 2008

Bullets, then sleep

Because I'm semi-coherent on a good day, and today would not really qualify as a good day, I'm going to present bullets of things that have crossed my cloudy mind. Deal with it.

  1. You know those Easy Buttons they have at Staples? They have really funny ones at CVS that say things like "Sweet" and "Whatever" but my all time favorite? "It's not MY job." Guess who it reminds me of?
  2. The Celtics. Awesome. I'm much much more of a baseball fan, but I like the game of basketball. it's easy to follow, it's exciting, and it's fast. I started watching the Celtics again a few years ago after a long hiatus, but I didn't realize how much I'd like watching the playoffs. OMG, I'm hooked! Tonight's game was insane. If you're missing the playoffs, even if you're not a big fan of any sports, watch these games. They are so exciting. These two teams are so evenly matched that the score goes up and down and then ties. It's way cool.
  3. Insane Dad: not a peep out of him. I did my due diligence today, but the youth officer never even called me back. Jerk. However, Insane Dad must have gotten the message from the police that he needs to stay off my ass. And the Girl's ass. Sick thing? We were the ONLY people he called and threatened, although there were quite a few kids that were involved in this mess who he could have contacted. Nope, he went after ME because I don't have a man by my side. Heh, wrong woman to pick on. I can be a total and complete bitch if I have to be.
  4. Finals: Whose stupid idea was it to arrange final exams just like college so the kids are running around town instead of studying? Just asking.
  5. Weather: Can I have some more, please? Outrageously gorgeous today with perfect temps and the most brilliant blue sky. I'll take a month of this weather for nothing, Alex.
  6. Sorbet: New favorite? Coconut. Totally yummy.
  7. Family Therapist: Left us the sweetest notes. OMG, I teared up reading mine. You wanna know what it said? "Dear Margalit, It has truly been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you over the last 6 months. Your dedication to treatment, your devotion to your children and your overall strength of spirit is truly inspirational. I feel I have learned so much from you both professionally and personally. I hope you remember one thing through all of this, and that is to remember to take time for yourself and to recharge your batteries. I hope it can be an important priority in your life. The Girl and the Boy are both extremely lucky to have such a compassionate and hard working mother, and you deserve all the best. Best of luck in the future." How awesome is that?
  8. The heat has done such a number of my poor feet. I just can't take that kind of searing heat. My ankles swell up, the tops of my feet puff up, and they hurt. It's painful. Even flip flops hurt. I hate this.
  9. This upcoming week is the last week of school. So much to do and I just can't seem to get it all done in time. Girl still has no place to attend school in the fall. School system seems to be blaise about it. I'm up in arms.
  10. Obama's Baby Mama? What the hell are these stupid conservative morons thinking of? Why don't they look at the Robot Cindy (drugs are my life) McCain. She goes beyond the role of Trophy Wife and into the realm of Blow-Up Doll. The woman is a living Barbie doll. And they go after Michele Obama, an educated, vibrant, and important working mother. They call her a baby momma? How embarassing is that to the Republican party? How stupid does that make them look? Oh, about as stupid as their current leader, the Shrub.
  11. Twitter is so passe. Plurk is the new social networking of choice.
  12. Did I mention we have litters of baby bunnies living under our bushes? Oh, these are the most adorable bunnies ever. They come out early mornings and late afternoons and hop all over the yard. It's like our own private showing of Animal Kingdom. Too cute.

So, what's up with you?

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Blogger Rhiannon said...

I don't get Plurk! I want to get it! Really!

14/6/08 1:38 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Bunnies! We always have baby bunnies in our yard. We're the only family on the block without a dog! And the "baby mama" thing? Did the people using that term know what they were saying? If so, how awful. If not, how stupid.

15/6/08 7:14 PM  

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