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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Case of the Schitzophrenic School System

First, I wanted to say Welcome to all the brand new Needham readers who found my blog. I'm very happy you stopped by to visit, and I hope that you learn something valuable about your high school's special education department. It stinks like moldy cheese. Or my kids sneakers.

Yesterday I told you the tale of Needham High's "support" team for a kid with multiple physical and emotional issues. This kid was denied an IEP by Cathy Heller and the rest of her obviously bullied team of NoBots. Cathy didn't see why this kid needed an IEP because she's a blind, deaf, and dumb maroon, as Bugs Bunny would say. She's also a bitch incarnate.

Today, the same family went to the middle school for their daughter's IEP meeting. She will be attending Needham High in the fall, and needed to have an IEP in place. The daughter is much less medically fragile than her brother. She's also in a much better place in her education. But she is still very sick and she has obvious deficits that are shown by her testing.

Because it's the middle school, the support team was totally different. Except for our favorite bitch on wheels, Cathy Heller, who came to represent the high school. Of course Cathy was dead set against giving the kid an IEP, because that's what she does best. Deny services. She's such a great educator. She should feel so proud of herself.

But guess what? The middle school team, who are not browbeaten into submission by Ms Heller, decided that the daughter did need an IEP. And granted her one.

Ms Heller was not a happy camper. I bet she wasn't. Because the middle school kid is much less medically involved and in less trouble academically, and the middle school found her eligible for services, unlike the high school. Ms Heller has some 'splaining to do, because her denial of the IEP to the first child now, in retrospect, makes her look like the vindictive asswipe she is.

Additionally, the mother went to the head of Pupil Services over at the superintendent's office and had a little chat about Ms Heller and her team. Heh. I bet that was fun! And then she notified the school committee about Ms Heller's refusal to grant an IEP to her son. I bet that was even more fun.

So, we've got one kid on an IEP, and one kid that the family is retaining legal counsel to get an IEP. Ms Heller, you really picked on the wrong family. Bullying your staff is one thing, but trying to bully parents of two drastically ill children with a terminal disease and a shortened lifespan. Just plain stupid.

Here's hoping that Ms Heller is on a quick retirement track. She's totally burnt out and really should not hold this job. She has no empathy at all for the families she represents, and she's unwilling to budge one inch to make accomodations for such a special kid.

Oh, and the kid's on a 504. So when the parents sue for damages, guess who will be responsible? I hope Ms Heller has a nice house that she can sell to pay off this law suit. Bitch.

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Blogger Crazed Mom said...

I never ever want you to be pissed off at me!! You're lethal woman. And effective.

17/6/08 10:35 PM  

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