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Monday, June 23, 2008

Even the big guys have to get their license renewed

Today was my 5th trip to the registry of motor vehicles to get my car registered. And guess what? They finally registered it! I guess the fifth time is the charm. I could tell you the reasons why they finally decided to register the car, but who cares?

Because the real news is that we ran into Kendrick Perkins at the RMV. He walked in when they called his number and I was all "Wow, that guy is HUGE" and The Boy, who was accompanying me on this most delightful adventure, looked up and said, he looks really familiar. Then Kendrick turned around and we could see his face, and the whole place lit up. People were smiling. He signed an autograph or two. Little kids with their parents were jumping up and down.

All I could think of is how miserable he looked. I mean the guy just won the NBA championship and where does he end up the following Monday? At the RMV renewing his license. What a total bummer. What ever happened to that "I'm going to Disneyworld" thing. I've never seen a commercial that showed a sports star saying "I'm going to the RMV to renew my license." Have you?

This is kinda the face he had on. I don't blame him one whit. It seems unfair that he had to do his license, but I guess that's the one task that, no matter how famous or rich, you have to do yourself.

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Blogger Fornya said...

Doesn't everyone look like that at the dreadful RMV?

23/6/08 2:39 PM  
Blogger margalit said...



23/6/08 5:42 PM  

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