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Friday, June 20, 2008

If I weren't living it, I wouldn't believe it.

Remember insane dad, the guy that blames a group of kids, including the Girl, for all the troubles in the world? The guy who calls and screams irrationally at me blaming my kid for things she just didn't do?

After I called the police again and reported him for harassing me...again, we didn't hear anything for a while. I relaxed my guard and started feeling comfortable. Until today.

Today I get a phone call from the mom of the Girl's friend. She tells me that she is getting weird email and calls from Insane Dad. Now, her daughter isn't friendly with ID's daughter anymore. She hasn't been in a long time, since middle school. Plus, her daughter goes to the OTHER high school so she can't really be involved. So, this mom has no clue as to what Insane Dad is talking about, and gets kinda pissed after he blamed her daughter for everything but 9/11. She hung up on him. He called back. She hung up on him again. He's been calling on and off all day. She won't answer the phone.

She wants to know if I got any email from him. I saunter over to the computer and there it is. An email from this guy. In it is a URL for a web site he created today. No, I'm not giving you the URL, but take it from me, it was unbelievably slanderous towards 10 kids in our city that he names with full names. And photographs of each kid, labeled with their names. In essence he called my Girl a drug addict that was in rehab, another boy threatened his daughter with a switchblade, another girl was a ratt (sic), another one hit her.... and NONE of this is true. This is just a teeny tiny sample of the vitriole on this web site.

But that's not all! He posted pictures that he culled from the kid's facebook pages. Pictures of them doing things that are illegal (ahem) and in bad judgement. Pictures that a CERTAIN GIRL was told to take off her Facebook page about 200 times, but as she said "I was too lazy to do it." They're gone now!

Besides the fact that most of these kids are under 16 years old, and he took not only words from their respective sites, he also took photographs. Can you say illegal? I sure can.

As soon as I saw and read the site, I called the hosting company, homestead.com, and asked them to take down the site. They said that they would investigate and that if the site contained illegal information, they would inform the FBI. That was around 4:50 pm. The site went down around 8. We printed out several pages of the site, but it wouldn't print out everything and me, thinking that it would take longer, planned to get screen caps. But they took it down so quickly I didn't get a chance. Kudos to homestead.com for such quick action! Because of them, about 1/2 of the kids didn't even get to see the site.

In talking to the Girl's boyfriend's father (who is SOOO pissed), he told me that he also contacted homestead.com, so they got two complaints pretty quickly. He also told me that he has the site in cache in another computer, and he'll be making copies.

Two of the kids involved, and a mom, went over to Insane Dad's house to try and reason with him. There is NO reasoning with this guy. He's nuts. He went on and on and on about his 'version' of the story and even when they totally refuted his story, he wouldn't back down. Well, uh duh. He's INSANE. He told them that he isn't going to stop until everyone else does. A direct threat! Oh boy.

Then two other kids went over, and I believe they are still there. One of the kids may not be the greatest judge of his impulses, if you get my drift, and I'm a bit fearful that the police will become involved...again. Update... they did call the police on them. He didn't get a chance to say anything. Of course the police sided with Insane Dad. Do you think it's possibly because one of the kids is black and the other is hispanic? Nah... couldn't be!

One of the kids involved... oh my her mother is going to be pissed. She's the youth probation officer for our city. I can't even imagine getting on the wrong side of her. They're at the Sox game tonight, but I'll be chatting with her.

Another girl's father is a big private eye in Boston. He tried to talk to Insane Dad. I haven't heard the summation yet, but man, I would't fool with this guy either. In essence this dad demanded that Insane Dad take down the website, but ID refused. I guess he didn't know that we already had it taken down. Heh. One step ahead of the crazy.

Insane dad won't let up. He'll post that site again and again. We'll have to chase him around the internet shutting it down. Most hosts aren't as prompt in their actions as homestead.com. This is going to suck forever.

We're hiring an attorney. It's the only thing we can do is prosecute him. I have a phone call into an ADA already. It has to stop. It just has to. The amount of stress this is causing me is exceptionally bad.

The thing is, he can't be stopped. I know it seems ridiculous, but no matter what I've done over the past 3 years to get this guy out of our lives, he keeps coming back. He's nuts, and he's slippery. He always gets away with everything. Hopefully this time he took on too many families. He needs to be put away for a long long time.

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Blogger DC said...

Oh my goodness. This sounds like a nightmare!

20/6/08 11:55 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

How scary! I hope the lawyer is able to help you put a stop to him! nclm

21/6/08 12:31 AM  
Blogger Be said...

Long time lurker who respects what you're going through. Please keep taking care.

21/6/08 6:43 PM  
OpenID lizziebeth730 said...

Hi, I came across your blog on Universal Hub.

Is the grandmother in the picture? Is there suspicion that she's still being abused? Could you call your local Elder Services agency and file a protectve report on the guy for elder abuse?

It might be a good back channel to help get him out of everyones lives

21/6/08 6:47 PM  

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