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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sex and the City movie review

This review is gonna be short. Not so sweet, though. Today the Girl and I went to see SATC. As big fans of the show, we couldn't wait to see the movie, but since I'm crowd phobic, we had to go once the big crush was over. I can't stand being in a theatre where every single seat is filled.

Anyhow, the costumes were fabulous. Unbelievable. Gorgeous. For me, 1/2 of the show is about the costumes. Oh, and the shoes. Equally fab.

The plotline. Not so fabulous. Kinda meh, in fact. I didn't like these women in their 40's as much as I liked them in their 30's. Except for Charlotte, who will always be my favorite. There's one scene at the honeymoon resort that had me laughing my ass off. She is just delightful. Carrie... I try to understand why she is so grating at times, but the fact is, she and Big are perfect for each other and all these breakups are ridiculous. I never much liked Samantha, but at least she was more human in the film, in a stable long-term relationship. Until she blew it off. Miranda, whom I always adored, drove me nuts. The whole Steve thing? Um... really. No soul searching at all, Miranda? And as a mother, she seemed distant at best. Brady was cute though. Not as cute as baby Rose or Lily, Charlotte's progeny, but cute.

The acting. Jennifer Hudson? Sucked. I'm sorry, but I've never seen her in anything before and she was pretty horrid. Everyone else was true to form, but for some reason bitchier and more edgy. More Sanford was needed.

It was a fun way to spend an afternoon, but don't expect anything deep or meaningful. This was chicklit on film at best, and much of it could have used some editing.

Again, the costumes were fabulous!

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Blogger Artful Kisser said...

I thought pretty much the same as you Margalit. In particular the whole Miranda thing irked me too.

16/6/08 6:45 AM  
Blogger Patrick Roberts said...

Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it

18/6/08 5:31 PM  
Blogger rhonda said...

Jennifer Hudson stunk up the movie. What a horrible choice for the Louise character. The Miranda sex scene was a little over the top. And that stupid humping dog...when is that ever funny? As for the regular cast, can't help but still love them.

18/10/08 8:01 PM  

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