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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Stress Collection

Because I haven't had enough stress this week, I decided to try and register my car again with our wonderful Massachusetts RMV. Let's look back at previous trips to the RMV and how, despite my best efforts, my little car still hasn't gotten it's brand new MA plates. All caught up now? Good!

I'm essentially a doobie and want to stay on the right side of the law, so I decided it's time to take trip number 4 to the RMV today. I had all my paperwork. Or all the paperwork that they told me I needed the last time I was at the RMV.

I got my number because the RMV works on the bakery principle, and sat down on the world's most uncomfortable benches to wait my turn. About an hour trickled by, where I got to watch every man in the place on his Blackberry. I didn't realize that Blackberry ownership was required if you're male and live in MA.

Finally the sign showed A113 and they called me up to window number three. Ooo, I thought, I like the number three. I'm SURE I'm gonna be lucky this time.

Ha! What a maroon!

I walked up, slapped down my paperwork, and Ms Window 3 looked at me, and looked at the paperwork, and looked at me again. My heart started sinking. I knew what was coming. She picked up the last form they told me I needed, looked carefully at it, and handed it back to me. Both copies of it. Which came straight from my insurance company, fedexed to my home. She told me that they couldn't accept this form because the change date on it wasn't with 30 days of the date today. WTF?

I didn't even know what a change date was. And told her that. I also told her that I didn't fill out the form, my insurance company did, and what the hell was WRONG WITH IT? She suggested that I contact my insurance company and get another form. Because all they have to do all day is redo forms for pointless reasons. Asshats!

Then she tells me that I need yet another form. I swear it, I felt my blood pressure rise to the very top of my head. WHAT? Another form? I was just here, I asked what forms I needed, you GAVE ME THIS FORM, and now you tell me it's the wrong form and I need another form. One that needs to be signed by the person who gave me the car. The very guy who lives in Maryland? How convenient!

I ask to speak to a manager. One comes wandering over, and of course she has nothing pleasant to say. I mention (scream) that this is my 4th visit to this RMV office and my car still isn't registered. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

I ask the manager to please write down every form I need in order to register my car. She refused. 3 times. She would not write down what I needed. She just said that if I got the new form from the insurance company AND the form from the guy in Maryland that I could register the car. I begged her to write down the forms I needed. Nope. No can do.

So I got her name (Carolyn) and told her that when I came back with the papers and they refused to register my car again that I was holding her personally responsible. And I burst into tears.

So yeah, more loving on the RMV. Turns out I'm not the only one that is having a bit of a problem with the MA RMV. What a shock!

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