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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things are not great right now

We've had a really tough couple of weeks. I mean really tough. I've worked hard to be positive through it, but I'm wearing thin with the positive stuff. I'm certainly not able to share everything, but these are the highlights:

The phone company shut off the phone because I couldn't pay the bill. I sent them a check, but don't have the money in my account to cover it. Thus, we haven't had a phone in more than a week, which is very difficult because:

I need to deal with the school but can't call them
I need to deal with the electric co and the phone co but can't call them
Both kids are going insane without a phone
I'm going mildly insane without a phone

The cell phone has run out of minutes and again, no money. So I can't refill the minutes for this month.

I got a shut-off notice for the electric company on Friday and am PRAYING that I can get to them before they cut off the electricity. I have NO WAY of paying the bill. My caardiologist's office was supposed to send them a letter more than a month ago telling them not to shut off the electricity because I'm disabled. By law, they're not allowed to shut off utilities if someone is sick in the house. I think the doctor forgot. But can I call her office and tell them to send the letter again? No, I can't.

The kid's health insurance was shut off. Not for non-payment, but because they made some kind of weird executive decision without notifying me that changed their their coverage to only mental health. Not only is this illegal in MA, which is providing their health insurance, but it makes no sense. The new health insurance has no medication coverage, so when I went to pick up the prescriptions for the Boy this week at CVS, they weren't covered so I can't pay for them. Hence the Boy has been unmedicated for a full week. Ask me how that's going!

However, due to the no phone, I can't call and find out what the hell is going on.

The Girl starts summer school tomorrow morning, but I do not know if the school has bothered to pay the tuition (doubtful but required) or has arranged for transportation. I can't call them because....

The Girl, thinking she was being nice, told my home health aide to go home without doing a lick of work last week. Said aide had been caught in a thunder shower and was soaked when she appeared at the door. While the Girl was being a swell kid, she also signed the aide's time slip, so I got no help all last week at all. Not a lick. Result? Dirty house that I've been cleaning non-stop just to keep up. So not happy. Plus, home health aide could not call and reschedule because... and I couldn't call her agency and reschedule because....

It's been a long long week. I'm depressed and angry and sick of running out of money. SICK OF IT. Every week the prices increase and my ability to pay for stuff decreases. I don't get an increase in my cost of living because of a price increase. I'm competing with way too many people for freelance work right now. It's so similar to 2001 and the dot.com bubble bursting, when everyone was out of work and no jobs were around. There really isn't a lot out there right now, and for each position there are hundreds of applicants. Of course, those ever-eager-to-screw-the-workers employers are lowering their freelance rates to rock bottom prices. When you see employers offering $1 per post, it's just not worth responding to their ad.

The weird thing is, we keep going. The kids are getting along fairly well considering the lack of medication, telephone and food. It certainly isn't remotely peaceful, but it never is. Anyhow, we're all dealing with the situation. Nobody likes it, nobody has any suggestions to make it better, but we're dealing.

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Blogger Robin said...

I'm sorry. I wish I had some answers for you Margalit. I hope that light at the end of the tunnel starts shining brightly very soon.

30/6/08 1:35 AM  
Blogger gem said...

I think we all like to pretend that it isn't really this bad for people, but it obviously is and society and government have a lot to answer for when we resent paying taxes to help support all those who genuinely need it. I hope everything gets sorted out soon. This is why, for all it's faults, I am glad I live in a social welfare state.

30/6/08 6:59 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Thanks Gem and Robyn. A very very wonderful friend paid for my phone to be turned back on. I've paid the bill and now I'm just waiting. And waiting. It could be up to 24 hours.

Elec co is fulled with asshats. I've called my doctor's office but nobody is there yet. It will all get done and then maybe I can sleep.

Oh do I need to sleep!

30/6/08 7:43 AM  
Blogger Nyt said...

I'm not sure what type of internet connection you have, and, the phone crisis has passed, but, you may want to look into SKYPE...

30/6/08 11:55 AM  
Blogger liz said...

And, can any of these crises be taken care of on-line? Each alone is enough to have me biting my fingernails for you.

30/6/08 2:32 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

I wish I had answers for you -- a virtual hug would be pretty worthless right now. Living without a phone? Unthinkable. I hope it's reinstated soon. You can accomplish a lot over the phone.

30/6/08 8:22 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Pretty much everything that could be done today got done today. There are a few hanging matters, like the health insurance for the Boy's meds seemed to be straightened out, but isn't...yet. But otherwise, we're ok.

Thanks guys for your support! It's really appreciated.

30/6/08 8:27 PM  

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