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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today could appear in the annals of Worst Day Ever contests

Updated with links on the paragraph that starts "Our Mysterious caller" for those that haven't followed the BF story for the past year.

It didn't start out that bad. Oh, I got maybe an hour and a half of sleep because our air conditioner conked out. It went through 2 seasons and died. I am so not a happy camper about cheaply made products that die. So I was a tad bit tired when it was time to get up and go to an 8 am meeting with the Girl at school. Because honestly, there is nothing I like better than a meeting at 8 am that she doesn't want to be at. But I digress.

We arrived right one time, remarkably. We sat, we sulked, we agreed to send the Girl for a visit to the program she and I do not want. Because there is nothing more compliant than a teenage girl who has her mind made up, you know.

I leave her in the capable hands of her liaison worker, who I like very much. She's smart and capable and not a spouter of the company line. She admits that big mistakes were made by the school. She's advocating for the Girl even though she knows that the program they're pushing isn't even on our table. It's her job, she's losing it due to budget cuts, she's not about to be a shill for the school. I like that.

They go off to visit the program.

I go off to have lunch with the Mom Central folks, who have opened an office in our city. They invited a few bloggers to come visit, where they made an awesome presentation. They're doing good things, people, and if you hear from them, or are offered placement in one of their campaigns, listen carefully. They're not just bullshit Blogher dilettantes. They have a great business plan, good client base, and a wonderful way of working with social media that doesn't take advantage of bloggers, nor suck bloggers in with a stupid advertising model that limits what you can say and do. It isn't about advertising at all. No restrictions on your blogs.

Six of my favorite New England Mamas were there, and it was great catching up with the girls and seeing a brand spanking new bambino. Oh, what a handsome boy our Topher is. So well behaved. The only guy amongst a large group of women, he had the whole office going gaga over him.

I also got a chance to chat with Erin and the most beautiful Super-Mom ever. So far so good, right?

I rush home to find the Girl's tutor sitting in her truck outside. Fairly Odd Mother had followed me home to be the wonderful donatee of some great homeschooling books we no longer needed. I'm decluttering again!

The Girl starts working with her tutor while the Boy decided to take a nap. As soon as the tutor leaves, the Girl wants to lay down as well, but nope... time for family therapy! And people say I don't have an exciting life. Our family therapist brought pizza and ice cream since it's her last day with us (sob). We ate and gabbed and complained about the heat. She gave the kids gift cards to Borders and me a gift card to Cheesecake Factory. Mmmm, Mojitos, Iris!

As soon as she left, I took the Girl and we went to the Big Orange Building of things we all need and want. But they were out of air conditioners. That gives you an idea of how hot it has been. If the Depot has no ACs or fans, it's freaking hot!

So after I peed, because I must visit every bathroom in every building I ever walk in to, we got back in the car and went down the road a bit to the Big Blue Building. They had a very limited supply of air conditioners, but they had them. Cheap. We made a friend of some really nice guy who repairs and installs ACs, and had a grand chat about air conditioning and the sorry state of appliances in this day and age. I do love chatting up an expert on something very guyish. I can always hold my own. In fact, I was giving advice to yet another guy about his air conditioning needs, and the first guy was duly impressed. You didn't know this very weird little thing about me. I love tools and repairs and all sorts of home improvement crap. I really do.

We purchase our brand new with remote, because after all, we are lazy people, air conditioner, plus 2 pieces of sliced lumber for installation. We drag the AC to the car, where we cannot get the damn thing in the trunk. Have I mentioned we have a TINY car? From Mini van to mini car. It's kinda shocking! We wedged that box into the back seat with the Girl pushed so far forward her knees were hitting the dashboard. Tres comfy!

Then off to Old Navy, in the same basic strip mall, for some promised flip flops. They were having a 40% off sale, so she got her flip flops and I got a pair of flip flops even though I swore to my podiatrist only recently that I would no longer wear flip flops. Apparently I am a big fat liar. They are so cute! I also got the Boy several pairs of boxers with skulls, because what young man does not need skull underwear? Ahem.

The Girl, in her never ending quest for shorts she can tolerate, tried on pretty much every pair of shorts in the damn store rejecting them all for a 'weird fit'. Back to sulking. She's so frustrated, because she's got a very small waist and very voluptuous hips and shorts are just not made to fit that kind of a body.

We drive back with our purchases in hand, and upon our return home, the Boy comes bursting out of the house yelling, "You won't believe who called like 10 times." I have no clue. Who would call ME 10 times besides a bill collector? And they usually space those calls out. I've heard!

Our mysterious caller? The insane father of a former friend of the Girls, a friend she has not seen or spoken to in months. A girl she cannot stand. A snitch. A girl who got her in a whole passle of trouble with her lies. A girl she blocked from her facebook months ago. Ok now!

He left a threatening message implying that the Girl had done something horrible to his precious daughter. Well, the Girl was with me all afternoon so I knew she hadn't done anything. But we were confused. He was all accusatory and threatening that he would have her arrested, blah blah blah. So the Girl, being a teenager and all, got right on the jungle drums and conjured up a bunch of friends, none of whom had heard from Insane dad, nor knew what he was going on about.

Finally, through detective work on Facebook, she found out what the deal was. His precious daughter had posted a very suggestive photo of herself (not even a remotely unusual occurrence) in a bikini. Other kids had made some negative comments on her Facebook page. The Girl is not even in her friends list, and has blocked her, so she is unable to even be a part of this conversation. But he blamed her for what other kids said about his daughter. They didn't say nice things. They were mean and rude. But she was just as mean and rude back. But it's all moot. My kid was NOT INVOLVED. But she's the only one he blamed.

Once we had gone through the thread, which was indeed ugly, I tried to call him back. He was nuts. He screamed at me, he threatened me, and not for the first time, he threatened the Girl, and he was just bizarre. I kept saying "What did she do?" knowing that she was not involved. But he was yelling back "You know what she did." Um, yup, I do. She was doing absolutely nothing. I couldn't even talk to him he was so rabid. And then one more big threat, and he hung up on me.

So I called the police. And I found out how to take out a TRO on this guy, because he's so crazy that he makes me fearful that he might try something very weird. He has before. If you think back to all the craziness last summer, it's that same father. But I'm done. DONE. He needs to back down and leave us alone.

For once I KNOW that my kid wasn't involved. She was with me every second of the time from 2isn on. We were in several stores with surveillance tapes. We can prove she wasn't involved. But I don't want to have to prove it. I just want this jackass to leave us the hell alone. Is that so much to ask?

Air conditioner is installed and works a bit too well. It's icy cold in here and I turned it down to 79 degrees for the night. Brrr.

That was my day. And you?

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Blogger Fox In Detox said...

People are crazy. I'm convinced of it. And nothing you can say or do will ever change the craziness of someone else. I feel for you. The internet is a scary place, especially for teens. Kids are cruel, but the parents of those kids who place the blame everywhere else..? They're just plain nuts. My fingers are crossed in hope that this all goes away fast!

12/6/08 7:03 AM  
Blogger Suzette said...

Well, amen and hallelujah. Finally, a female blogger willing to express a negative opinion about Blogher. My own opinion is that its the worst kind of pandering mixed with self-imposed ghettoization set up to lure an extremely non-introspective segment of the blog-reading world.

12/6/08 7:22 AM  
Blogger T said...

Sorry your day wasn't the best--but it was so great meeting you at our Mom Central lunch yesterday. Thanks for coming! We're looking for to the next!
Abbey :)


12/6/08 8:33 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

That was just one day? Sheesh. That guy is an absolute whack job and although I have yet to find "the troubles last year" that he was the culprit of, I am glad you are going to go the TRO route. Sounds like it is a good idea - again, he's a whackjob.
Some of your day sounded pretty good though and just to make sure I understood correctly - you ENJOY home improvements?? Cause if that's a yes - how soon can you get to SC - I got the MLB extra innings so you wont even have to miss the Red Sox or anything. I am not loving the home improvements right now. BLECH!!

12/6/08 9:52 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Suzette, I've written a LOT about my negative feelings towards blogher. I think your take is right on. It's an organization that does encourage ghettoization, it does include a lot of self-pandering, and the officers lie like rugs. There is NO transparency, they don't offer explanations of why their revenue sharing model is allowing dropping revenue on their blogher ads to the point where people are losing money carrying their ads, plus they do not have any public record (that I can find) of their earnings statement.

My opinion? A few women getting mighty rich off the backs of a lot of women who think they're going to make money from the blogher ads.

Jory says that people only carry blogher ads because they are passionate about Blogher. Um, I think not.

12/6/08 11:12 AM  
Blogger Rhiannon said...

Margalit, I'd like to come and visit with you, please. It's 54 degrees here and I think that it may still be March. Brrr! I want some heat! And, I make a mean mojito.

So, I'll be over shortly.

12/6/08 3:57 PM  
Blogger margalit said...


Anytime you want, we'll be here! It's so gorgeous today. Like 80 and totally sunny. A PERFECT day. No air conditioning needed. Only open windows and some light alcohol!

12/6/08 7:36 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Wow. Wild day. I hope the TRO has an impact on the guy -- maybe starting a paper trail on him will get results.

12/6/08 9:10 PM  

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