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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yet another bad mom moment

The Girl had the biggest screaming temper tantrum I've seen in about 10 years this morning. She was seething mad. I mean jumping up and down and screaming at the top of her lungs and starting to toss a chair at me mad. Yelling non-stop for at least 15 minutes, crying, and just going completely ballistic.

What did I do?

I asked her to sweep the floor in the bathroom before I drove her to a friend's house to work on her biology project.

I know, what a bitch I am. Just ask her. She called me one at least 5 times. Oh yeah. Loving the teenage Girl angst.

You see, I first asked her to sweep the bathroom last Wednesday. And then again on Thursday. Oh, and Friday. Yesterday I must have asked her a dozen times. I always get the same answers. "I'm not getting up now." "In a minute." "Later."

Well later finally came this morning. I had something to hold over her. It's a freaking bathroom floor. It should not take 4 days and a screaming meltdown to get it swept.

BTW, it is still NOT swept.

It is 98 degrees outside. Really. It's hotter than hell out, she wants a ride to her friends, and she will not apologize to me for screaming bloody murder at me. She WILL NOT back down. I let her go outside and sit in the oven of a car for about 5 minutes and then ask her if she has something she wants to say to me?

Nope, she doesn't.

I let her sit some more. She's gonna melt out there before she backs down. This is the most stubborn child in the world.

I watch her, and she starts to calm down. So I saunter out to the car and she starts in again. I just look at her, open the car door, and start to get out. BALLISTIC.

"What the F are you doing?" She screams.

I tell her that I'm not going anywhere with her until she calms down and SHUTS UP.

And she does.

We drive to her friends house. As she gets out of the door, in a mutter almost under her breath, she says "thank you."


Yeah, loving the teen years. Loving them!

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Blogger Deb said...

Ah... memories. I would love to say something uplifting, like, "it gets better". yeah, i would love to say that but i hate to lie. my mom always said there should be an island to send kids to once they turned into teenagers and they should not be allowed to come back until they were at least 21. I am on a mission now - for parents of teens across the world - to find an island. been there and done that and it DOES get better - but it feels like for-freakin-ever before it does.

Oh and BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog - I never win anything either. Eh, what're ya gonna do?

I enjoy reading your blog - former New Englander myself (RI) and watching the Red Sox right now so yeah you aint wrong honey - ITS HOT THERE! 98 degrees-sheesh. That's what it will be here today too but I am in SC

8/6/08 1:16 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Good Lord, I'm almost glad I don't have children!!! ;-)

She'll remember this moment when she has teens of her own!

8/6/08 2:13 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Even if you understand the minds of teens (and who really does?) it's wearing to sit through these meltdowns. I feel for you.
Would you like a meme? It's not as cooling as ice cream, but I'll have a tag up in a few days. No rush, just enjoy!

8/6/08 4:07 PM  
Blogger only a movie said...

Had a similar moment on Sunday - was sure he would get out of the 100 degree car - but he didn't back down. I felt so bad, I had to go back out and ask him to come in...!

10/6/08 3:32 PM  

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