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Sunday, June 01, 2008

You probably didn't even notice but...

Today I hit the halfway mark in Blog350, where I have pledged to blog every day for a year. Or 350 days. So how am I doing? I've missed one day that I know of, and that was by hours, not by a full day. Otherwise, I have found within myself to blather on every freaking day for 6 months. I astound even myself. Not that I've ever been silenced for very long, but I figured at some point I'd just grow bored with the monotony of daily posting. Plus posting regularly on three other blogs. Who knew I had so many words in me?

Did you read about the twins separated at birth 28 years ago in the Canary Islands? I have to admit, this is my worst nightmare, especially since my children are exact opposites. I've never been able to figure out just how kids could be so totally different and yet be twins.

I'm kinda pissed about the DNC's decision to give Florida and Michigan delegates only half votes. That doesn't seem right.

Have you voted for Mid-Century Modern Moms at the Best of Blogs award? Why not? Get over there right now and vote. Reminder, you can vote every 24 hours. Ahem.

I'm starting to get post-Lost letdown. I need something new to watch on television. Something that will entertain me that does NOT include either a dance contest or a singing contest. I do not enjoy those shows which shall remain nameless. Any recommendations of things you're currently watching or can't wait to start? Remember...no cable. I know, we're the only people in the entire world that have an HDTV and no cable. We have an indoor antenna. It works pretty well. Most of the time.

Have you discovered YPulse? It's a newspage for the "Y" generation, filled with stuff your teens and college kids might find interesting.

Once again, no book reviews. I didn't lie, things just really got in the way. But I'm hoping to get them up this week and because I've been so tardy, I'm adding a new book to the list. This is the reason I didn't write the post today, I read the whole book instead. The new addition is all the way home by David Giffels. It's a memoir of the author's fairly rash purchase of what could almost be called a 'fixer-upper' if you're being extremely kind. This is The Money Pit in written form, but it's also a very moving journey of family building and loss, the strength of a marriage, and a young man growing into adulthood as a father and homeowner.


Go Celtics!

My stomach is flatter than it has been since I was in college.

Isn't Twitter better when certain people who think it's their own private PR and chat software go away for a few days? Ahem.

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Blogger Rhiannon said...

FRACK. The year is half over. And, in 6 month and 9 days, I will turn 30.

Good for you posting so much! Even on weekends!!

1/6/08 10:36 PM  
Blogger **susy** said...

yay for meeting your goal halfway! that's awesome. go celtics (that's for my hubby)! and thnx for the comment, NCLM!

2/6/08 3:16 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

I didn't sign up for Blogging all year. Maybe next year -- or maybe not. Congrats for making it this far!

2/6/08 7:11 PM  

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