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Sunday, July 13, 2008

An absolutely perfect day

Getting up early on a Sunday is almost unheard of in our family. Except that today we had plans. Big plans.

First we drove up the coast from Boston to Maine. We saw a few funny things on the way.

A Mercedes with a Ron Paul bumper sticker.

The sign that you see before you actually enter New Hampster advertising both the State Liquor Store and Lottery tickets. If that doesn't give you an idea of what New Hampster is all about, I don't know that would. (You have to click on this to read the sign.)

Over the bridge from New Hampster to Maine, our destination of choice. First stop is Yummies.

Yummies is a candy store. But it isn't any normal candy store. They specialize in nostalgic candy like Abba Zabbas and French Taffy.

They have more varieties of salt water taffy than you've ever seen and it's all fresh. Nothing stale and hard here.

Plenty of options if you like chocolate.

The Boy got a chocolate school bus to give to his bus driver in the fall. He loves his bus driver. She's awesome.

We told the Boy's friend Chris about how awesome Yummies was, but he didn't believe us. He couldn't believe that sheer amount of candy in the store. It is awesome. He had to borrow a little money. Eyes bigger than stomach!

They have a great gift shop, too. But you can't eat gifts, so we never buy a thing there!

Look! Sugarless candy. Plenty of options.

Mmmmm. Fudge. The boy always leaves with fudge.

We're leaving with a bit of candy. Four people, four bags. We are all big fans of candy.

Next stop was the Bass outlet, as I was looking for a pair of sandals that aren't flip flops. Flip flops are killing my feet, even good ones, and I needed to find something comfy. They were having a 70% off sale. You read that right. Seventy percent off. Now that's MY kinda sale. I bought a pair of fake birkenstocks and the Girl got some socks and a pair of flip flops. The Boys sat in the car eating candy.

After the outlet, it was time for the beach. We weren't really sure where we wanted to go, but we were close to York Beach and I'd never been there, so we opted for that over Ogunquit.

The parking lot was HORRIBLE. They had hardly any handicap spaces and the people trolling the lost were like sharks. We got cut out of several spaces, including one that a guy was so incensed about me trying to pull into it that he got about an inch from my car and got half way out of his big honking pick-up truck to scream obscenities at me. Welcome to Maine! Anyhow, I finally found a space after a major temper tantrum, and we toted our stuff to the beach and settled down for a long afternoon's playtime.

The water was freezing. But the sun was hot and there was the most delightful breeze.

The Girl fell asleep right off the bat. She was so anxious for a deep dark tan, and her wish was granted. But she's not dark enough. She really wants a tan this summer, something she hasn't had in years and years. She's careful, so why not?

The Boy and his friend decided they wanted to dig a hole.

Not just any hole. Grand Canyon east.

It got bigger and bigger.

Bigger and bigger still.

Soon it was a really big, really deep hole. A nice hole, but a hole nonetheless.

They worked hard on it using the snow shovel from our car.

Deeper and deeper they dug, until the Lifeguard told them they had to stop because the hole was too big. Stupid rule!

I walked down to the water's edge and watched the waves. So pretty.

Look at the houses on the cliffs. I'm so jealous I could spit. What a great place to live.

Chris decided that being buried was a great idea.

He lost his legs in Nam.

We voted this the cutest bathing suit on the beach.

We voted this the ugliest tattoo on the beach. And believe me, there were a plethora of ugly ones to choose from.

The Girl slept on. I woke her up and made her turn over. She fell back to sleep.

But then she work up and helped to bury Chris even deeper.

It got late and soon it was time to go.

We were all so hungry we decided to hit the Clambox in Ipswich.

What? You've never been to the Clambox? For shame. The food is to die for. We had to wait on line for an hour just to place our orders. Then the food came and we ate ourselves silly.

On the highway before we got off in MA, we saw this very classy New Hampster car. I mean really. Do little kids have to see this?

We got off the road and drove past my old house. Isn't it beautiful? It wasn't like that before we restored it. You haven't lived until you've sanded off 3 different colors of porch paint off a beautiful 300 year old wide plank floor. Or replaced a kitchen that was last updated in the 1930's.

We drove down Rt 1 to the highway, and once on 95 we played padiddle the whole way home. Every kid hurt their hand slamming the roof. The Boy got pissed and sulked for a bit. But he was better until we were almost home, and then he got car sick. Again. Happens EVERY single time we go to Maine. Like clockwork.

So he ran in the house and barfed a couple of times, and now he's on the sofa milking it for all it's worth whilst watching Miss Universe. Such a guy!

What a great day. It was absolutely perfect!

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Blogger greytfriend said...

What a great day and a super blog. I feel like I just got back from vacation. Thanks!

13/7/08 10:46 PM  
Blogger bethany actually said...

What an awesome day that sounds like! That car window is disgusting. The house is beautiful--and you helped restore that? Wow, that must have been hard work and a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing your day in Maine with us. :-)

13/7/08 11:24 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Fabulous! How was I in Ipswich and missed the Clambox? I saw it, but we ate in town at the Stone Soup Cafe, instead. I noticed the signs in New Hamster, too, but my strongest memory there is that the turnpike never figured out our Illinois iPass. Good thing we only had to go through one toll each way.

14/7/08 10:12 AM  
Blogger Misfit Hausfrau said...

Pretty much nothing makes me happier than a trip to Maine. I was supposed to go next week but won't on account of our move to TN. Grrr

14/7/08 8:26 PM  

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