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Thursday, July 17, 2008

BlogNot: Day One

Today was such a fun filled day at Blognot. Many of us slept in, exhausted after a long day of not traveling. Since there wasn't any time changes or new schedules to get used to, a lot of us get up at our regular times and went about our lives. It was so squeeeetastic!

I took the Girl to summer school, and then came home and just got back and bed and went right back to sleep. I know, but that's what being on a staycation is all about! Enjoying yourself and being yourself.

Later I got up after snuggling with the Worthless Pet and went to pick her up. We stopped at CVS on the way home to pick up a few girly supplies, like my cholesterol prescription. A girl can get along without makeup, but she has to watch her cholesterol, right? Squeeeee!

After we got home, I worked for 4 hours or so redoing a blog for someone. I know, sometimes work just gets in the way of drinking, noshing, and chatting. What can I do, I'm a responsible person. Plus I learned a new trick with banners today. And I got to scream obscenities at Blogger for those damn widgets that make redesign such a pain.

By that time, the phone started ringing and my email was filling up. I spent a lot of time plurking all my deep thoughts, which were so richly recieved. Those plurkers, they are the nicest bunch of people. Not all stuck up like those that worship the fail whale.

Soon it was time for All My Children, a don't miss show on ABC. Did you see it today? My goodness, that Annie is annoying, isn't she? What's with Ryan and Greeley? They kinda make me sick. The discussion around the TV was lively as both kids moaned and groaned about the stupidity of this particular soap.

Not to be outdone, we turned to CBS where we watched As The World Turns. Goodness me, it was rather naughty today. That annoying woman, Liberty's Mom, the one that Brad slept with in high school and now Jack is sleeping with? Will someone just KILL HER OFF. She irritates the hell out of us. The Boy goes livid every time she comes on. Parker and Liberty were sucking face today, which was kinda cute. NewLily went ballistic when Holden told her that he was having a fling. He didn't reveal it was Carley, but really...how stupid does he think NewLily is? It looked like NewLily was gonna roll over Carley with her car, and of course Carley was staring at the car like a deer in the headlights, which amused us no end. Can't wait till tomorrow to find out what happened.

The kids decided that they couldn't handle Dr Phil, thank God, and turned off the TV. The Girl made plans with her friend to attend the Carnival in the northern part of town. It's an Italian festa and a LOT of fun with good food and music and rides. Lots of rides. She goes every summer. Then the Boy decided to go to his friend's house for the evening. So I got to play driver and take them to their various destinations before coming home.

Dinner tonight is Indian food, with rice, chicken curry, a cucumber riata, and a nice big salad. For dessert I have coconut sorbet. I've already popped open a bottle of wine, and I hope the entire bottle is polished off in record time.

Then on to the ICA for an sculpture exhibit on Free Thursday. I think they have drinks on the balcony. Squeeeee!

For all of you attending BlogNot, be sure to let your readers know that this is the place in town to be seen. We're gonna rock this town tonight!


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Blogger Daisy said...

BlogNot cracks me up! I'm laughing into my coffee, and I don't feel the BlogHer envy that I did last year.
My BlogNot day? Laundry. Haircut. Shop for camp supplies for Amigo. Squeeee!

18/7/08 9:27 AM  
Blogger Suldog said...

Dammit! I slept right through Day One! Somebody must have put something in my drink.

Hey, wait a minute! Wwhen I dressed yesterday, I wasn't wearing chartreuse underwear with orange daisies on it! What the hell? Is this The Sheraton? I was supposed to have a hot tub. I don't even see a toilet! For that matter, where the hell is my luggage? And why are the only channels on this TV in Hungarian? Aaarrgghh! Where the hell am I? I'm going to miss everything!

Oh, well. The underwear's rather comfortable, actually. Will you take some notes for me? I think I might miss a few conferences. You know how it is...

18/7/08 11:55 AM  

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