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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blognot: Our day at the beach

BlogNot moved outdoors today. It was hot hot hot outside. Typical July weather in New England: hot, humid and hazy. The weathermen love to talk about the 3 H's. We hate them. Nobody in their right mind would want to spend the day outside. Unless they were at the beach.

To the beach we went. The Girl and 3 of her friends wanted to go and see the sand sculptures at Revere Beach. Now, I've lived in the Boston area most of my adult life and the only other time I've ever set foot on Revere Beach was the day before I delivered my babies. And I only was there for the clams at Kelly's Roast Beef. I was desperate for clams. I had a hankering and a half for clams, and my wonderful neighbor popped me in her car and took me to get some clams. Other than that memorable event, Revere Beach has always been off my radar screen.

Why? Because it's so freaking crowded there, the beach never looks clean, and to tell you the truth, it's not the most relaxing place in the city. It's noisy with the languages of a million different countries, all screaming at top volume. It's crowded because there is a subway stop right across from the beach, which means that every person in Boston can hop on the T and be at the beach without having to look for and in some cases pay for parking.

However, today we got into the teenymobile and headed up to the beach. I even drove over the Tobin Bridge, which is a big feat for me, seeing as how I hate bridges.

BlogNot Revere Beach started out with a bang when I got the PRIMO parking space of all times. I mean, it was so good I didn't even want to ever leave it. RIGHT in front of the showers, right on the beach, right across the street from the ice cream store, and right by the sand sculptures.

We walked up to a nice spot right by the life guards, plopped down in our sand chairs, and promptly started frying. I used the sun screen, but I'm still burnt. Again, hot humid and hazy. The perfect weather for burning.

The sand sculptures were amazing.

This one is the hulk.

And we have this beautiful one, still being worked on.

This is a monument to Boston that was done by various sculptors and sponsored by a lot of companies.

This was the Girl's favorite, a tribute to video gaming.

A woman on a widow walk.

The bottom of her house was buried in the sand.

This is the Girl scouting rocks for me. I like beach rocks.

This beach is in the direct landing flight path from Europe.

We got home about 5, took showers, and then a friend came over for 'dinner' and drinks. We had a lot of frozen strawberry daquaries and cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Quite nutritious, right? We watched a nice movie, and then I fought with the computer trying to download these photos. I'm telling you, you people have no clue the stress I go through trying to wrangle this old gal Ms Emachines into behaving the way I need her to. She's very very stubborn.

BlogNot winds up tomorrow. I'm not sure what's in store for us, but what have you been doing this weekend?

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Blogger Daisy said...

The sculptures are amazing!! I love the woman on her widow's walk.

20/7/08 9:51 AM  
Blogger Carmi said...

My jaw's on the floor at the artistry in these sculptures. From someone who can barely build a castle using upturned buckets, seeing museum-worthy efforts like this freaks me out in a very good way.

Given how ephemeral they are, it's so cool that you were able to preserve them with these great pix.

Hope you're well...I've been out of the blog-commenting biz for a bit. Life's been crazy, and I'm not entirely sure when it'll settle down. But still, we press on...

20/7/08 5:09 PM  

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