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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Daily annoyances

So now that I've posted that I do show the good, the bad, and the ugly about my kids, here's a bit of all those emotions.

The Girl and I did a LOT of shopping today. First a trip to Russo's where she picked out some zinnia plants she loved, and then helped me buy an amazing amount of fruits and veggies. We are stocked up!

Second was a trip to the grocery store, where we got the stuff you can't get at Russo's. She was helpful and a real delight to be around. Until we got home.

I'm sure I've mentioned that the Boy eats anything that isn't nailed down and the Girl counts food, which makes for more fricking fighting in our house than any other topic. My God, you would not believe the arguments over food. She has now taken to LABELING anything that she wants to eat, even food that he won't touch like cottage cheese. I'm about ready to starve both of them until they learn to get along over food issues.

The Boy was being particularly loathsome, although I'll give him some leeway since one of his medications has not yet been pre-approved again by the insurance co, so he hasn't had it in over 2 weeks. This is SO not good, but there is nothing I can do about it. Consequently, he's loud and obnoxious and has even more boundary issues than usual. Not as bad as last summer, but this has been somewhat of a trying time.

The Girl decided that the way to deal with the Boy was to take a nap. She had a companion, and they both slept for a couple of hours. Aren't they sweet together?

I promised them I would take them to a movie because we have free movie passes, but at the last minute the Boy backed out because he wanted to hang out with a friend. She came over and they both said that they would stay home.

The Girl and I went to see Wall-E, which was AWESOME. We both loved it, although I'm gonna admit that she totally missed the message. I don't know how, because it was so freaking obvious, but when I asked her what she thought the movie was really about, she thought it might be "it's too hard to move when you're really fat." OK then!

Moving on, we got home and found this. If you ever wondered about dysgraphia, wonder no more. This is such a primo example of what it means to be dysgraphic. Note the word "the" spelled incorrectly, and the lack of spacing between the words. Unbelievable that it might seem, this is his best handwriting. I know it looks like a second grader wrote it, but although I wasn't there to witness his effort, I would guess this took a bit of time to write. Dysgraphia sucks.

Of course, the second the Girl saw that he was gone, she started whining about going out, too. I was so ticked. I still haven't made the brisket for tomorrow, plus I had a really great dinner planned for tonight. I bought 6 ears of corn, I made biscuits, I was going to make pea shoots with garlic (so freaking good) and teriyaki chicken breasts. Nice, healthy, well balanced. And for dessert? Angel food cake with strawberry-rhubarb sauce. I mean, that's a wicked good dinner. But where are the kids? GONE. Oh, it makes me so mad. I make all this effort to have a nice family dinner, and they can't even stay for one freaking night. Teenagers!

And that is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fun, eh?

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Blogger Karen Sugarpants said...

pea shoots with garlic? Sounds good - will you post the recipe sometime?

Your daughter is beautiful!

4/7/08 3:40 PM  

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