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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th, my fellow Americans

It's bullet points for you today:

DICK Cheney was in town early this morning to get a special ride on the USS Constitution and to watch a bunch of people sworn in as new American Citizens. Damn, nobody bashed into his motorcade or anything. What a bummer.

Jesse Helms died. WAHOO! It's about frigging time. My God, what a blight on the American political scene. When I lived in North Carolina I had a bumper sticker on my car that said "I'm from North Carolina and I don't support Jesse Helms." I still have another one on my political bulletin board where I save buttons and other political related memorabilia. Once, a long long time ago, I was in a restaurant in Raleigh and in walked Jesse and his entourage. I had to be physically restrained by my ex from going up and stabbing him. I mean, he caused such a visceral reaction that I really would see red every time I heard his smarmy voice. HATED HIM.

Damp and rainy half the day here, it's sort of clearing up. But it isn't a pretty day. At 3:30 my son is still sleeping and the Girl has just awakened from a very long nap. However, I've been up for hour cooking and watching horrible daytime TV. AMC played an episode from way earlier in the year which made no sense at all. What were they thinking?

If you haven't seen Dave's latest post at Blogography, you're missing the best post on the blogosphere in a long long time. Boy oh boy, was he ever right on. Go read it NOW.

Why hasn't twitter died yet? It's been going downhill for months, the blue whale is becoming the most hated screen on the web, and people are posting at a bunch of other social media networks. Time to put that whale to sleep permanently.

I am so jealous I could just scream.

In case you might have forgotten what this day is about.

Oooops! Just an itty bitty mistake. OMG, one more reason to love Paul Levy but avoid his hospital like the plague.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!


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Blogger Daisy said...

Happy Fourth!!

4/7/08 10:12 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Ah, yes, the money thing? I laugh every time the lonely BlogHer check arrives because it's so small and come so seldom. If I did this for the money, I wouldn't. Period.

4/7/08 10:17 PM  

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