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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am neurotic

I can't remember exactly where I got the link, but I've been fixated on the site "I Am Neurotic" for days. It is a riot. Maybe it wouldn't be so funny if I weren't so neurotic myself. I find myself agreeing with far too many of the posts, checking off the 'me too' button. Oh, I am so neurotic. My kids think it's OCD, which it probably is, except that it doesn't get it my way at all. I just happen to have a lot of little quirks that I do. Doesn't everyone?

I'm the person at the table in a restaurant that collects everyone's straw wrappers and ties them up neatly into a pretty knot. Or accordion folds them into springs. I can't just crumple them up and toss them. I am neurotic.

I fold a lot of stuff. Any candy wrappers left around are folded and then tied into knots. Napkins, too. And plastic bags. I am neurotic.

I straighten things up according to size. Biggest on the bottom, smallest on top. I am neurotic.

I tend to color code things. Like books. It looks prettier on the shelf. I am neurotic.

I can't wear socks unless they are turned inside out. I am neurotic.

I have to line all the silverware in the drawers perfectly. I can't stand if the salad forks are mixed up with the dinner forks. Ditto with soup spoons vs teaspoons. I am neurotic.

Toilet paper has to be hung over. I can't use it if it's under. I have to change it. Even in other people's houses. I am neurotic.

I don't think there is anything wrong with having somewhat peculiar habits. We all do. As long as it doesn't disrupt your life, what do these little habits matter?

I kinda like being a bit neurotic. What about you? What are your strange habits? Are you neurotic, too?


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Blogger Daisy said...

You're Monk! I adore Monk.

30/7/08 9:58 PM  

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