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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh, Thank God it is over

In a day or two, the blogosphere should bounce back to it's regularly scheduled bitch and moan fests. That stupid waste of money alcoholic bash pretending to be 'educational' is finally over. Now all we have to endure is the backlash of posts going over every person we met and every thing we ate and the hilarity of every party where we got shitfaced and touched other BlogHer's boobs. And then the whole flickr fest of pictures. At least you don't have to be clicking over to see a bunch of silly 30 year old mothers acting like sorority girls at a rush party.

Here at BlogNot, we didn't have to blog about traveling home because, um, we were home. We didn't have to blog about who we met and whose boobs we touched, because, um, we know how to keep our hands to ourselves. We didn't have to blog about being licked, being shitfaced, being trashed, being disappointed that the sessions were only so-so (which I've read at least a million times, leading me once again to conclude that the only reason for this 'convention' is to leave your kids at home and get shitfaced), we didn't get to meet x y and z, and OMG, there was a controversy about Dooce at the ending session. Like who the fuck cares?

Instead we napped and the kids did various things like go see Batman (the Girl) and hang out with friends (the Boy). It was quiet and pleasant at home. I love having time off to just think and read. I did some work in the garden, which is so spectacular this year that I think I should win some sort of medal. Every tomato plant is filled to the brim with green fruit. The peppers are getting huge and a second bunch is just coming out. The zucchhini is filled with flowers and small little fingerlings. My herb garden is gorgeous. Even the flowers are fantastic. And we had a hummingbird this morning eating off my hanging flowers. It's like a little Tasha Tudor site here in BlogNot land. I'm so pleased. I got more happiness from gardening than I do just about anything else.

My neighbor isn't so lucky. For the second time in a year she has put in a garden that has done virtually nothing. Her many tomato plants aren't even a foot high and I don't think they're going to fruit at all. Her eggplants are also doing nothing. I feel badly because she walks by my garden all the time and sort of just looks at it. Maybe next year we'll do a collaborative attempt because I could use the labor to enlarge the garden. I'm planning to turn the farm back into production, one shovelful at a time!

I'm still so worried about Lisa at Clusterfook. If you haven't popped by to read her story and maybe donate a penny or two, please go and say hi. She's gotten a ton of support and it is helping her to stay positive in a time where there few positives in her life.

OK, we're getting back to normal now. If that has ever even been an option around here.

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Blogger momofonefornow said...

Hi, found you on the ICLW list,

So, you don't care for BlogHer? Bahahahaha. I think that I would find the prospect of that many strangers (but not really) a bit over-whelming.

21/7/08 4:51 PM  
Blogger Martha said...

Funny post, and loved the pictures of the beach and sand sculptures! Thanks for getting those to download. Visiting from ILCW.

22/7/08 2:12 PM  
Blogger Carly said...

I imagine you will delete this before anyone reads it since I'm not in agreeance with what you wrote. Lots of people had lots of different reasons for going to BlogHer. For you to lump a thousand women together and basically say what you did is really sad. For me BlogHer was a chance to meet in person the women whose blogs I love to read everyday. To finally have real life human interaction. Sometimes with a cocktail, sometimes without. And you know what? That is my choice. And I don't feel that it was a stupid waste of money at all. But even if it was, it was my money not yours. So what do you care?

22/7/08 10:29 PM  

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