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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Worthless Pet has decided, rather belatedly, that he is not thrilled with the addition of Pepper to our household. Pepper is incredulous that something does not adore her. She cannot believe that that big gray hunk of fur who keeps hissing at her isn't playing. Worthless Pet, on the other hand, cannot believe the nerve of some little pipsqueak usurping his position as household love God.

There is a standoff.

Ringo will leave Pepper alone as long as she doesn't come hopping into his space. Pepper is learning to walk wide circles around Ringo. She wants desperately to be his friend. He wants her to disappear, although he finds her very interesting to watch.

They will be friends eventually. They aren't fighting at all. Mostly hissing and waving of tails. We're posturing a lot, but Pepper is kind of impossible to dissuade. She's just adorable, energetic as all get out, and thrilled to be exploring such and interesting environment. There are boxes to jump in, shelves to walk along, chairs and sofas to hide behind, stairs to climb up and run down, and miracle of miracle, a tail that looks really fun to play with. Pepper is brave. She runs after Ringo time and time again, no matter how much he hisses and postures. She's sure that he wants to be her friend. He's pretty sure he doesn't.


Not even a whiff of real out and out hostility, this is all figuring out their places in the new order. In the meantime, it is providing us with hours of hilarity. The two of them are so funny. And I have finally gotten a cat that loves to snuggle.

Big giant boy. Itty bitty kitty.

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Blogger Daisy said...

The picture of Boy and Pepper is priceless! I love it when the pets flop on their back, totally showing their trust. Of course, Boy's expression makes it even better.

29/7/08 7:08 PM  
Blogger thecatsmeow said...

That is such a funny picture! I've always been a cat person, and the little bitty ones get me every time. Looks like this new baby might be good for all of you...including WP. They'll get used to each other eventually...my older cat eventually got really attached to the little guy even though she was nearly ten when he showed up. They don't always become friends, but they're still fun to watch when they interact.

30/7/08 5:53 PM  

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