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Sunday, July 27, 2008


We still haven't named the kitten, whom the Boy insists on calling "banana" but we're leaning towards Moxie, Pepper, Trubble, Muffin. So we're not the most original people in the world, but I can assure you, that poor little kitten will NOT be called Banana.

I had forgotten just how much energy little teeny kittens have. She's so adorable, but the climbing, the jumping, the snuggling, the playing, the licking, the jumping some more, and just plain exploring all over the house. Last night she ran behind the sofa about 10 million times, creating a great little freeway that only she could fit into. It was getting into the "I'm so tired I think I'm gonna fall over and croak" territory, so I picked her up, but her on my chest, and she was out like a light in about 10 seconds. I couldn't shift all night long, and it was incredibly uncomfortable after a bit, but if I moved, she got upset and squeeked.

The Girl went to her first big rock concert yesterday (Rock the Bells) that went from noon till midnight, and by the time she got home it was so freaking late I was almost apoplectic. Fortunately she called several times to tell me just where they were, and most of the time was spent in the parking lot trying to get out of the Comcast Center (formerly known as the Tweeter Center, which was formerly known as Great Woods). She came in and saw the kitten for the first time and she was so excited. And of course the sleepy kitty woke up and wanted to play again.

This morning we fed her wet food, and I put her in the litter box, but she didn't do a darn thing. Then about a half hour later, Uh Oh. It's OK. Accidents happen and she does know where the litter box is. I think I might get a smaller one for her because the one we have is very big and high. I'm not sure she can get in it herself in a hurry.

She still hasn't discovered the stairs, so she's been downstairs the whole time. She spends a lot of time getting up on and getting down from the sofa. A girl needs her exercise, you know.

Worthless Pet is curious but not the least bit upset by her arrival. He has tried to make friends, but she's having none of him. Eventually they'll be fine, but she's still in the hissing phase and WP kinda walks away like a wuss. The good thing is, he's not upset at all and is going about her business.

I take it back. He just hissed at her and then looked at me and sent me a few smiles. Maybe we should change his name to Trubble. Heh.

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Blogger Jo said...

Being the former treckie that I am...I go for tribble over trubble....but hey...

27/7/08 6:19 PM  
Blogger Island Travel Girl said...

I'm throwing Rocket out there for consideration.....cats have a tendency to shoot off in unexpected directions. Like NASA.

28/7/08 1:04 PM  

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