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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happier days are hopefully here again

Not wanting to be too freaking hopeful about the future, because there's some bleak shit still on the horizon, but there is good news. Really good news.

First, the Girl's school situation seems to be resolved. It's a long involved tale of woe, but suffice it to say that when the state board of education got involved, things were solved almost instantly. I got apologies, I got some very interesting excuses, and I got pretty much what I wanted all along. The Girl will be going back to her regular high school, she'll be taking all Curriculum 1 classes (college prep), she has the electives she asked for, she has the foreign language we wanted, and she has 4 blocks of learning support per cycle. It couldn't be more perfect! Plus, and this is just an extra cherry on the top, Insane Daughter of Insane Dad will NOT be attending that school anymore. PHEW.

Second, remember that hint I gave you last week about good news? Well, it is very good news. I got a work at home job that is a real live work at home job doing tech support. I'm so thrilled. And I owe it all to one of my readers who told me about the job in the first place. She TOTALLY rocks. Today I had the software needed for the job installed on my computer, and I'll start training tomorrow. I'm working pretty decent hours, 11am to 8 pm with a break for dinner cooking and eating. This gives me plenty of time to deal with the kids in the morning and even more time to supervise homework and hang out in the evenings. I'm pretty psyched even though I had to take a low hourly wage as to not screw up my SSDI. If I screw up my disability, I lose my health insurance and that would be a serious disaster. This way I can make a supplemental income to enable us to catch up and eventually even save some money once the economy is repaired by not paying millions and millions every day for a stupid war that is bankrupting the nation. Ahem.

Lastly, the Girl's friend had her baby this morning and we went to meet him. OMG, so gorgeous is this little boy. I mean, one spectacular baby. My ovaries were aching. It was hard to sit in a hospital room with a 17 year old girl and pretend that everything is peachy keen. I wanted to just put my arms around her and tell her that she'll do fine, but I wonder if that's true. She's not even going to try to nurse the baby, and that made me sad. I didn't want to push it, but I did try to encourage her to try but she's afraid that it will hurt. She's a kid. She's not with the baby's daddy, although he was at the birth and in the hospital. He isn't really liked. Say no more. The baby was 5 hours old when we were there and sleeping. The diapers were so tiny. I forgot what newborn diapers looked like. The Girl couldn't believe how tiny he was. When I told her that she was 3 lbs tinier at birth she was shocked. It's hard to believe a baby could be tinier than this one, but actually he was a robust 7 lbs 3 oz. Practically a giant compared to my kids.

All in all, a freaking good day!

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Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

That's awesome news, Margalit. I know how worried you've been over finances. Glad to hear you've got some good news!

21/8/08 6:54 AM  
Blogger Dave2 said...

Many happy congratulations on the job... that's wonderful news!

And I am also happy to hear that The Girl's schooling has worked itself out... here's hoping she takes advantage of it. :-)

21/8/08 12:06 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

You know, Dave, I think she will. This summer she really turned a corner as far as school is concerned. That summer school math class REALLY got her motivated and she did so well in the class that she got her confidence back. I have high hopes for a good Junior year for her.

21/8/08 2:10 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

It is typical of our govt's skewed priorities that you can't make too much or you'll lose your health insurance. My son was on SSDI when he was a baby, and whenever I had a good month (substitute teaching) he'd lose everything. So much for specialized day care if I really had a chance to work...but you know how this works. And doesn't. Congrats on all the good news!

21/8/08 3:41 PM  

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