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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pandering to Women

How insulted did you feel today when Sarah Palin (who??) was announced as McCain's choice for VP? That was the worst case of pandering to women I've ever experienced and it made me feel dirty and disgusted. That McCain had to be led by Karl Rove to choose such an unsuitable and frankly weird candidate was not surprising in and of itself, but that McCain expects that women will flock to that dumbass because she's got a vagina...well, not this woman. Nor any of the women I know.

There are many reasons NOT to vote for McCain. Too many to even list, in my opinion. But that he thinks so little of women's minds that he would assume we're dumb bunnies in aprons popping out the babies and waiting for our big strong men to come home from the freaking Snow Mobile races? OH MY GOD. We know how little McCain thinks of women. That's not been a big surprise. The man calls his wife a C*nt and suggests that she enter the topless parade in Sturgis. He is a kept man, living off his druggie wife's fortune. He left his first wife when he was already deeply involved with Cindy. He doesn't believe in birth control, he's anti-choice in all situations. He thinks that equal pay is wrong, and that women aren't as educated as men. HATE HIM.

So now he chooses this thing. This "woman" who has absolutely not one iota of national, never mind international experience. This person from the 49th largest state who thinks it is more convenient to MOVE the capital from Juneau to Ancorage for her, because that's where she lives. This person who we all know has a vagina because she's popped 5 kids out of it, but who isn't a mother that I'd ever admire because she left her 3 DAY old baby with a disability to go back to work. WTF? Who the hell does that? Nobody I'd ever consider to be a good woman or mother.

Palin has 1.5 years as the governor of a state that couldn't be more different than the rest of the country. Alaska? How hard is it to govern a state with less people in it than most large cities in the lower 48. Oh, and let's not forget that she was the mayor of a town of 9000 people. THAT sure is great experience for someone a heartbeat away from the presidency. She makes Dan Quayle look like a decent choice.

What are the Republicans touting about her qualifications? Oh, that she's a mother of 5 who refused to abort her 5th baby after discovering that he had down syndrome. That she's a lifelong member of the NRA that shoots high powered rifles and hunts moose. Oh, and eats moose. That certainly qualifies her to lead the country. She's anti choice, she's against gay rights, gay marriages but says some of her friends are gay. Oooo, how L I B E R A L of her. She fought corruption in Alaska but is now under investigation of her own over the firing of an official that refuese to can her ex-brother-in-law. Let's not forget that she was a former beauty queen, runner up to Miss Alaska, and that she believes in "(Un)Intelligent Design". The woman doesn't believe in dinosaurs. What kind of mother is THAT?

Already the plurkers and twitters are going wild discussing this poor choice. There are some funny things that have just shown up today. Have you seen this and this? Seems the dems have finally got plenty of dirt on the McCain choice to go a little wild and crazy.

Her approval rating is supposed to be huge in Alaska. The first Alaskan I found today said this about the choice:

Ask an Alaskan about Palin's "80%" approval rating. Huh. She's the main factor behind the "capitol creep" motion to move the capitol city of Alaska, which is Juneau, where I live, to Anchorage. Why? She lives in the Mat-Su. No one will pass the bills to move, so she's doing it unofficially by slowly making all the major governmental players have offices in Anchorage instead of Juneau.

We had the highest heating oil and fuel prices EVER this year and her solution? Is to give everyone that qualifies for a PFD the relief money. Which, for about 25% of the state, means we won't get one. But those who manage to meet the qualifications and not actually LIVE IN AK will get almost $3200 bucks. Hubby and I have lived in AK since last July. But you need to be here an entire calender year to qualify for the PFD payout. So, while we were here for $5/gallon fuel, $500/100gallons of heating oil, and electricity at 55cents/KWH, we get SQUAT in assistance. BUT, also? EVERYONE who gets a PFD gets energy assist. The 2 year old down the street? Check. The baby born last week? Check. Me, who slaved to pay my bills all year? Sorry bout your luck. FUCK.
Doesn't sound like she's a Palin lover, does it?

Other comments on plurk today:

I sincerely hope he doesn't think he's getting Hillary voters by picking a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-creationism, anti-gay rights candidate

And I feel very insulted that John McCain thinks we are stupid enough to follow the "shiny object" instead of intelligent enough to know what we want.

Well, I'm not telling anyone WHO to vote for. I'm just calling it in when someone blatantly insults my intelligence. Women are NOT interchangable. People do NOT follow HILLARY because she was merely a WOMAN. You CAN NOT substitute one woman with another to placate "the woman vote". We are NOT that stupid, or uninformed.

Palin is a creationist, pro-life. She would NOT do women ANY favors in the White House. Gotta get past thinking that her gender will win out

I can't wait for Hillary's statement on her - but seriously, she's a creationist who is pro-ANWR drilling.

Palin is a great choice for Obama. Women aren't stupid. They know what pandering is like.

I watched speech. Interesting McCain not let her stand alone & his nervous twiddling of wedding ring. Fascinating!

many won't like the fact that she wants to overturn Roe vs Wade, then again some will love her for that

yeah. roe v wade, church and state - and a lack of addressal of concerns about social security, privacy laws, and foreign policy

neo-cons hold the American public in utter contempt
they lie to your face and don't care whether or not you know they're lying

First, McCain chooses a totally unknown, untrained, VP. Governor of Alaska for 2 freaking years. Mayor of Podunk Alaska? PANDERING TO WOMEN.

I'm so glad that McCain thinks that Obama is inexperienced, but she should be in a VP position? McCain's VP matters a lot given his age...

He can't use the "inexperience" rationale any longer with his VP pick even less experienced.

and Palin just said NUCULAR. *headdesk* (g_doh)

Dear McCain, it's pronounced and spelled SUFFRAGE not SUFFERAGE.
between Sufferage and Nucular the REP campaign is sounding mighty unedumicated

They have got to adjust grammaring so that people don't think that the politicians are not talkin down to them but talkin to ehem It worked for Bush

and her belief that Intelligent Design should be taught in schools

UGH. She also believes in Intelligent Design and sued the government to take polar bears off the endangered species list

no thanks. Tho the pro-life was the dealbreaker for me. I could go on, but I think I've amply covered here other negative factors over here

Believing in ID is enough to turn me off in a flash

McCain can go die in a fire for all I care... Bush the 3rd is not going to win, the American people are fed up

Even a couple of the more hardened Republicans were disgusted with the choice. In fact, I've only seen ONE person on the entire, but limited scope of my internet wanderings today who was excited about the choice. One.

Hello President Barak Obama. And thank you Loser John Asshat McCain.

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Blogger Elabeth said...

I don't like McCain, and I also don't like the socialist BS the Democrats are spewing so I will probably throw my vote down the Libertarian hole once again. Either way this election goes this country is doomed.

30/8/08 9:04 AM  
Blogger BSumner said...

I'm thrilled.

And I don't know how he's any different from Kerry was 4 years ago. (living off the rich wife).

His voters asked him for someone out of the beltway and that's exactly what he gave them. *shrug*

30/8/08 9:58 AM  
Blogger Dodi said...

I have never commented on here, although I have read several times. But this post really bugged me, mainly because of the inaccuracies.
Karl Rove had nothing to do with who McCain picked. He is a Fox News Contributor now and was just as surprised as anyone. If you had seen him on the O'Reilly factor, dissecting McCain's choice, you would realize he never would have suggested Palin as Mc's running mate.
There are a few more, but this is just a comment...not a post. I understand you are ultra-liberal, but hate-speech and spreading false gossip don't get our country any closer to where we need to be.

30/8/08 10:29 AM  
Blogger Suzette said...

The left is really squawking about this - must have touched more than one nerve.

Did you stop to think that maybe this pick was not meant to draw in solely women voters? In fact, with the gun crowd, the pro-lifers, the "drill now" faction, the evangelicals and the the fiscal conservatives , that premise starts to seem a bit narrow, doesn't it?

And don't forget the Eskimo vote.

30/8/08 4:15 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

McCain treats women very poorly. It will be interesting to see how he treats Palin. How he talks to her and talks about her, especially off the cuff, will say a lot about his potential to lead the country. Will he volunteer her for Ms. Buffalo Chip, a topless "pageant"? Call her a c***? He did both to his wife.

30/8/08 4:39 PM  

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